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Error while verifying license for address object!

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Last updated: 01 Sep, 2010

There are several common errors associated with running Mailers +4. 

"Error while verifying license for address object!"

The first thing you want to try is to A) Find out where they installed +4 mailers. You can do this by going to Start > Programs and opening the Mailers +4 program and go to Tools > System Options and copying and pasting where the Target is.

B) Open up the cm4.ini as a text file (in notepad) and edit the pathway to show the pathway to the target (in step A). Edit in both locations.

FYI cm4.ini will look something like this:

MP4PATH=c:\programdata\melissa data\mailers+4
NATIONALPATH=c:\programdata\melissa data\mailers+4

If this doesn't work you can try to reinstall mailers +4.  I used this link:
Below is a link to our website to download Mailers+4, along with a username and password used to access the download. Once the download has completed please follow the below steps to install the program.

Mailers+4 –

Username: webget
Password: $uppli54

1. Locate the downloaded file called Mailers.exe
2. Double-Click on the file and Extract the contents (You may want to create a folder on your computer and extract the files to that location)
3. This will create a file called setup.exe along with several other folders. Double-Click on the setup.exe file.
4. This will start the install wizard for Mailers. Continue to select Next through the install wizard until the installation has completed. You will not need to change any of the default settings.

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Article ID: 879
Last updated: 01 Sep, 2010
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