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For MAC Users

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Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010

For Mac Users

We understand some clients use Macintosh products, however does not fully support Macs. Please see our System Requirements page for more information. Understanding this, most of our system will work running on a Mac. You can also choose to use Virtual PC and this will allow you to have full functionality.


If you are running a Mac , we require you to use Mozilla Firefox. Firefox can be downloaded from


Several Export options require the Crystal Reports generator which is only available through Internet Explorer on PC.


Without Crystal Reports the following export options will be unavailable. 


Voter Manager:

Custom Reports: Communication Tools: Any Avery 5160 Label

Custom Reports: Communication Tools: Envelopes

Custom Reports: Other Lists: Basic List

Custom Reports: Phone List: All Phone Lists

Custom Reports: Detailed Lists: Detailed List

Custom Reports: Walk Lists: All Walk Lists



Using the Custom Export Manager

You can try to create an export method to excel that mimics some of our custom reports. Please see our Custom Export Manager HelpFile for more information.


Virtual PC

Virtual PC emulates PC hardware. The windows XP running is the exact same as with a PC, just sort of rigged up for a Mac through Virtual PC.


For older, non-intel-based Macs, this can be done by virtualization (running a copy of Windows within OS X).  We recommend either:

1) Virtual PC 7 with Windows XP Professional


2) Virtual PC 7 with Windows XP Home

It can be purchased here:


For new, Intel-based Macs, Apple has a beta product called BootCamp.  


BootCamp allows you to switch your Mac between booting in Windows and booting in OS X.  It will be better supported (and possibly sold bundled with Windows) in the next version of OS X.  More information about BootCamp can be found here:


I am running Virtual PC but Crystal Reports still aren’t running!


Make sure you have Crystal Reports downloaded


If Crystal Reports has been downloaded and installed, go into internet explorer, click tools along the top, then click the programs tab. Then click manage add-ons.


Crystal Report Viewer should be the name of a plug-in listed. Make sure its enabled.

If these options are not displayed try updating WinXp through VirtualPC at


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Article ID: 811
Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010
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