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Automatic Duplicate Removal

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Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010

Automatic Duplicate Removal


Automatic Duplicate Removal will permanently delete duplicates out of the database without review.  We recommend that all clients review duplicates before removing them from the system. Please see our HelpFile on the Combine Duplicates tool for more information. 


Toautomatically and permanently remove duplicates from your system without review:

  1. Click on System and Automatic Duplicate Removal.

  2. Select the criteria that you want the database to search the records with.

  3. Click Combine. Once the computer searches and combines duplicate records in the database it will provide a number of the records that it combined, as well as, records that are still showing as possible duplicates. This can not be undone. Use at your own risk.


The database will make the change based on the criteria that you selected. Definitions of the criteria are listed below:


Method -  Selectwhat information you will be using to compare the records, whether it is by name and address or by name and phone number, you will use this information to compare the records to make sure that they are in fact duplicates.


The Records Added Today Only checkbox will allow you to refine your search to records that were entered into your database today for duplicates. 


Exact Name Matcheswill find only names that match each other exactly. However, it will not pull exact matches for addresses.

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Article ID: 804
Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010
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