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Hot Tip - Using The Details Button

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Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010


Hot Tip – Using the Details Button


Can’t find an invoice?  Need to see your current charges?  No problem!  When you log into BackOffice or VoterManager database, you’ve probably noticed the Account Status box in the middle of the Main Menu page.  However, you may not know that the “Details” button stores your invoices and payment history—you can even make payments here!


Note: If you have never seen this or can’t see it now, don’t worry!  Only Administrators at the Financial or Full level have the ability to see the Account Status box.


From the Main Menu screen (if you are in another area of your database, you can get back to the Main Menu screen, by going to the System tab and selecting Home) :


  1. To see a list of your current charges, start by clicking on the Details button in the Account Status box.



  1. This takes you over to the Statement Details screen, which lists your Total Due, provides links to each of your invoices, and displays your payment history. 



  1. To see the details of a specific invoice, simply click on one of the invoices in the Statement Details box. This will take you to the Invoice Screen.


  1. From the Invoice screen, you can see a description of your current charges.  You may also pay your charges by selecting an option in the Pay This Invoice box.

  2. Click on the Print button to keep a copy of this invoice on file.



If you need to pay a bill now and you would like to do so by credit card, click here


Would you like enroll in AutoPay to have your monthly fees automatically debited from your account each month?  If so, download the form here.  Make sure you fax it back with a voided check!

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Article ID: 761
Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010
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