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How To Send Broadcast E-mails and Broadcast Faxes

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Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010

Broadcast E-mail & Broadcast Fax

Have you tried our Broadcast Email Tutorial ?


Please note that you will be billed for all broadcast e-mails and broadcast faxes. This fee is in addition to your subscription fees. Please also note that special conditions apply to the use of's broadcast e-mail and broadcast fax service. Please read these conditions prior to using this service. Failure to abide by these conditions may result in your service being terminated or additional fees being assessed.


Broadcast e-mails and broadcast faxes are Custom Reports. Under the category Reports, click on Custom Reports.


Like any custom report, you will create a query to define whom you want this e-mail sent. See Defining Queries if you need help creating a query.


Once you have defined your query, you may select the export method “Broadcast Fax” or “Broadcast E-mail.”


Important Note on Broadcast E-mails: Always type your letters into the text box. Do not copy and paste them from a previously created word document. This causes the Broadcast Email to perform incorrectly. If you have a Word Document that you wish to put into an e-mail, copy and past it into notepad or wordpad and then copy and paste it into the text box.


Broadcast Fax


The Broadcast Fax page will open in a new window.


At the top, the Batch Details will tell you how many records resulted from your query and how many of those records have fax numbers.


If you click include a cover page, a plain e-mail fax cover sheet will appear that you can fill in with the appropriate information.

By click the Browse button, you will choose a file from your desktop that you wish to fax. Select the document and click the Open button. You will now see the path of the document you will be faxing.


You may test the fax by putting your fax number in Test Fax Number and click the Test Fax button. This will give you a good idea what your fax will look like when sending to the persons on your query.


Finally, when you are ready to send your fax, click the Broadcast Fax button.


Broadcast E-mail


The Broadcast E-mail page will open in a new window.


On the right, the Batch Details will tell you how many records resulted from your query and how many of those records have e-mail addresses. You will also have the option for stationary if you have SiteBuilder. If you do not have the option for stationary, and you would like to have us customize stationary for you, you may call us for a price quote.


 The From field should be the name of the person this is e-mail should be from (i.e. John Doe).


The E-mail field should be the e-mail that you submitted to us. If you are approved to send from multiple e-mail addresses, you may click on the arrow and any additional e-mail will appear there for selection.


In the Message Field you may type the message you would like to send out. You may also use merge fields (i.e. Salutations), and all font controls (i.e. bold, italics).


When editing your message, be careful not to modify the merge fields as this can cause problems in your final e-mails.

To see a sample e-mail, press the Preview button. You may review additional samples by clicking on the Preview Next button or return to editing the text by clicking on Edit Text.

On the right side, the Preview button will let you preview the message before you send it. When you are ready to send your broadcast e-mail, press the Send button and the message will be sent to the recipients from your query.



Untargeted email marketing on the Internet usually takes on the form of "Unsolicited Bulk Email". Unsolicited bulk email is NOT a smart way to get volunteers, contributions or votes.

"Spamming", or sending mass email to "unqualified" email addresses is considered bad "netiquette". If you send unsolicited email to addresses that do not want your email, you risk serious damage to the reputation of your campaign. Additionally, we do not allow this activity, and will discontinue your service upon abuse.

Targeted email messages are a very efficient and effective method to contact supporters, recruit volunteers and raise money. However, strongly urges you to only send email to those who have provided their address to your committee.

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Article ID: 750
Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010
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