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Searching for an Individual

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Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010


Searching for an Individual


  1. Click on the Add/Search tab at the top and select Individual.

  1. On the Individual Search screen, there are several boxes.

The Search By box allows you to enter the first name, last name and/or middle initial.


If you check the View box next to Additional Search Options, you will be able to enter in other criteria to search by.


The Search Options box allows you to turn off and on Fuzzy Logic. Fuzzy Logic allows your search to find names that are similar to the name you are searching for but not exact. This can be helpful if the name was entered incorrectly in the database or the search by field.


You can also broaden your search by including any Inactive Records by checking the check box.

  1. Once your have entered in your criteria, click the Search button.

  2. This will take you to the Individual Search Results screen. This will have a list of your search results


The Open Records in a New Window check box will allow you to choose between having records open in the window that you are in (unchecked) and opening new windows in a pop-up box.



The new Quick Actions menu allows quick access to commonly used functions. From here you can add a contribution or expense, link a record to his/her spouse, combine duplicates, make a record inactive or delete a record (if there is no financial information). You will receive a warning message when making inactive or deleting.


Click on the Use button has will open up the View Individual Screen of the record you choose. 


  1. The Quick Action or Use button will take you to the View individual Screen.


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Article ID: 720
Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010
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