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Moving Around & Keyboard Shortcuts

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Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010

Moving Around in VoterManager

VoterManager is based on standard Internet technology, you will find many aspects of the system interface familiar.  However, you should note a few general guidelines that will help you use your database more effectively. 


Anything you enter must be saved before you leave the data entry page or close your browser window.  Always click the Add button or the Save Changes button before moving on to another task.  If this is not done, the changes will be lost.

Not using the Browser

We strongly encourage you to use the controls built into the database instead of your web browser’s navigation tools. Using the browser’s back button, for example, could lead to the viewing and possibly re-submission of outdated information.

Keyboard Shortcuts

To make your data entry easier, we’ve built in keyboard shortcuts.  All key commands are enacted by pressing Control-Shift and a third “hot” key.  Throughout the system, wherever you see the “D” with a letter or number, you can quickly jump to that item by pressing Control-Shift and that letter or number. The following is an overview of where you will find these shortcuts and how they integrate into the system.


Throughout the System:

Use these key combinations to automatically bring you to the following locations.  These key commands will be effective no matter what page you are currently on.


Control-Shift                  R                     Custom Reports
Control-Shift                  S                     Standard Reports

Control-Shift                  Q                     Log Out

Individual/Organization Search Results


Control-Shift                  1 through 9        Use one of the first nine records listed in search results

Individual/Organization Record:

Control-Shift                  A                       Address fields
Control-Shift                  P                       Phone number fields
Control-Shift                  L                       E-mail address fields

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Article ID: 718
Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010
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