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Restoring and Reprinting FEC Reports

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Last updated: 13 Jan, 2013

Restoring and Reprinting FEC Reports

Now you can easily view and resubmit FEC reports.  Below is the process that you will need to
1.You will need to click on the “Re-validate, Reprint and Submit Previous File” button, and the
following screen will appear: 

This is where you will search for your previously filed report.  If it is not located in your CM or
PM folder you will then need to click on the look in drop down arrow and change to the correct
directory.  Once your file has been selected and you click the “OK” button the report will
validate for you, just as if you had rerun the entire report.

If you select a report that was run in version 5.0 you will fail validation, and your report
will not appear correctly.  Reports that were originally run in version 5.0 must be run in
version 5.1 as of February 9, 2003.
2.  Select “OK” to view your messages, or click on the “Congratulations you have successfully
passed validation” box.
3. Once you have viewed your messages click on the “x” in the upper right hand corner to close
out of it.  
4.  The FECprn.exe will appear as a separate window allowing you to view the report.  Should
you find the report acceptable, you will then need to click on your CM or PM that has been
minimized.  The following box will appear asking you to load the file.
5. Click “OK” and the Upload screen will appear, as if you had rerun the entire report. 

Understanding and Using the Settings Tab

1.)   Filter Out Disbursements With the Check Status of Void:  By checking this box the program will
take any disbursements with the check status of VOID and those disbursements will not pull onto the
report.  This is used for checks that were written and voided on in the same reporting period.
2.)  Use Committee Names Instead of Candidate Names for Earmarked Candidates:  This box gives you
the option of pulling the committee name on your earmarked receipts instead of the candidate name. 
Should you want the Committee Names to appear for your earmarked receipts instead of the Candidate
Names you will need to download the to your PM or CM folder.  This file can be found at the
following link, and scrolling to the 2003-2004
Committees.  Then you will need to extract its contents to the CM or PM folder.  It will create a folder
called foia04.

Filing Your FEC Report 
When all of your data entry has been completed, and you have checked your Committee
Information and Form 3 Information, you are ready to file!  From the Form 3 Information Tab,
make sure Print Preview Version V Forms and Electronic are selected and press Print.  A box
will appear asking you if you wish to define missing information:

This is to save you from unwanted warnings later on.  The FEC requires Employer and
Occupation information for any individual contributing over $200.00.  In the event that you do
not have said information, it is required to show that you have made your best efforts to attain it. 
By checking the two boxes, Campaign Manager will automatically look through your
contributors and fill in empty Employer and Occupation fields with “Information Requested”.
The Define Missing Information screen is also your chance to write a short memo to the FEC. 
The white box below “Report Memo Entry if Desired:” is a space for you to make an
unformatted note that will appear at the end of the your report.  This note must not contain any
carriage returns (do not press Enter or Return while typing in the white box).  For a more
detailed, formatted note to the FEC, please use a Form 99.
Following the Define Missing Information screen, a Save As box will appear for you to enter a
name for your report.  This filename must not contain spaces. It also must end in “.fec”. 
Good Report Filenames      Bad Report Filenames
AprilMonthly.fec                      April Monthly.fec
June02amend.fec                 June 2002 amendment
YearEnd.fec                            Yearend.
After saving your file, Campaign Manager will tell you if your report has passed FEC validation. 
If the report has failed validation, you will be shown a readout of your column A and B totals,

followed by any errors or warnings.  Errors are what keep your report from passing validation. 
Errors must be fixed.  Warnings are more along the lines of cosmetics.  Fixing a warning is not
necessary, and may not even be applicable depending on the circumstances.
If your report passed validation, you will be shown a preview of your report in the FEC’s
preview software.  While you are reviewing your report, the FEC’s upload software will have
opened in the background.  Initially it will look like an empty, dark gray window.  Once you are
satisfied that the report is correct, move on to the FECLoad window.
In the FECLoad window, go to File > Load.  In the Open window, find your report (the .fec file
that you just named) and click Open.  You will then be presented with the Settings box:

Enter the password you received from the FEC, and your Committee ID.  The Fax and E-mail
fields are there to enable the FEC to send you a confirmation that they received the report, either
by Fax or Email.   If you wish to test file, check the box next to “File it to a test server”.  If you
are filing an amendment, enter the FEC confirmation number of the original report in the bottom
box.  Make sure to enter the entire confirmation number (FEC-12345 instead of 12345).  Finally,
choose your filing method.
If you are connected to the internet, via cable/dsl/dialup, choose TCP/IP.  (Most Common)  Note: 
If you are behind a firewall, make sure port 443 is open.
If you are connected to the internet, but are behind a proxy server, choose SSL.
Once you have chosen your Filing Method, select the Configure tab.

If you selected TCP/IP, the Configure Tab will look like this:

The following needs to be enterein exactly as written below:

TCP/IP Hostname :

Agency ID:      FEC

If you selected SSL, the configure tab will look like this:

Fill in your proxy server information first, followed by the HTTPS URL and Agency ID as
Agency ID:  FEC
Once the Upload and Configure tabs have been properly keyed in, you are ready to push OK and
upload your report.  If this is the first time you have every filed a FEC report from this machine,
you will be asked to move your mouse around and type random keys to automatically create a
security code tailored to your machine.  Once the report is uploaded, you will receive an on-
screen confirmation as well as either a fax or email confirmation from the FEC.
Congratulations!  You have successfully prepared and filed your FEC report!


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