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FEC Form 3 - C-1 Loans, Supplemental

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Last updated: 16 Feb, 2010

C-1- Loans, Supplemental 

Blank Schedule C1, Partial 
Schedule C1 is used to report detailed information on any Bank or Lending Institution from
which your Committee has received a Loan.  Schedule C1 is required for any Loan except a
Loan from the Candidate’s personal funds.
To fill out Schedule C1 information, press the Committee Information button on the Form 3
report window. In the Committee Information window, select on the Other Information tab and
click on the Bank Loans: C1 button.

You are now presented with the C1 window.

Fill in your Committee name and official FEC number, followed by the Bank’s Mailing
Information.  The information regarding the Loan itself needs to be filled in as fits the loan.  If a
field does not apply to your Loan, do not fill it out.  The Amount of Loan, Loan#, Date
Incurred or Established, and  Date Due must be filled in, and must match the information
disclosed on the original Loan Contribution Record.  The Loan # is the same as the Budget
Account Number that you have previously associated with this Loan.
[C1 Amount]<->[Loan Contribution Amount]
[C1 Loan #]<->[Loan Contribution/Disbursement Account #]
[C1 Date Due]<->[Loan Contribution Deposit Date]

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Article ID: 677
Last updated: 16 Feb, 2010
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