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Backing up data

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Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010

Backing Up Data
It is very important to regularly back up your database in the event that something beyond your
control (like a system crash, lightning strike, or theft) should occur.
The Campaign Manager 5 program folder is called “CM5”. Within this folder are Data and List
folders. The Data and List folders having matching number schemes comprise of a single
Dataset. For example, upon newly installing CM5, Data0001 and List0001 are created. Together,
they are the default blank Main dataset.
It is better if you regularly back up the entire CM5 folder. You can burn it on a CD or copy it to a
big enough zip disk. It will not fit on a floppy disk. At the very least, you should back up all Data
and List folders. Everything else in the CM5 folder can be recreated with an install unless store
other files in that folder.
To find out where your CM5 folder resides on your hard drive or network, and to find out which
Data and List folders house the currently accessed Dataset, go to select About from the Help

The Version Date line should show the path of the CM5 folder. The Current Dataset line shows
the path and the data folder currently being accessed. For help with backing up your database,
consult the Aristotle Technical Support team at 1-800-243-4401

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Article ID: 654
Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010
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