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South Dakota - Entering Expenditure Transactions

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Last updated: 02 Feb, 2010

Please keep the following things in mind regarding expenditures:

1) This is a list of type/subtypes that pull to the report. If the transaction is not one of these type/subtype combinations, the transaction will not appear on the report:

a. Type: Contribution To Committee
Subtypes: Federal, State/Local, Memo, In-Kind Federal, In-Kind State/Local

b. Type: Other Disbursement
Subtypes: Contribution, Payment

c. Type: Refund
Subtype: Contribution

d. Type: Independent Expenditure
Subtypes: Payment, Memo

e. Type: Operating Expenditure
Subtypes: Payment, Credit Card Payment, Reimbursement

f. Type: Transfer to Affil/Auth
Subtype: Transfer of Funds

2) To get transactions to group as one of the expense types (Advertising, Consulting, Interest, Postage, Printing, Rent, Salaries, Telephone, Travel, Utilities), you must use reporting codes. Once you add & save a transaction, open the full transaction details again, and at the very bottom, you will see "Expenditure Codes". Select state "South Dakota", and then select the appropriate expense type. 

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Article ID: 646
Last updated: 02 Feb, 2010
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