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How to run the Form 3L ("Lobbyist Report")

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Last updated: 22 Jan, 2010

How to run the Form 3L ("Lobbyist Report") from Campaign Manager

A reporting committee must file FEC Form 3L for a covered period if within that covered period it receives two or more bundled contributions forwarded by, or credited to, a lobbyist/registrant or lobbyist/registrant PAC, and the contributions aggregate in excess of the reporting threshold. For calendar year 2009 that threshold is $16,000, per lobbyist/registrant or lobbyist/registrant PAC, per covered period. If you are unsure if you should file a Form 3L, check your FEC Handbook or call your FEC Analyst.

To run a Form 3L: 
  1. Go to Reports > Federal 
  2. Select the Form 3 (or Form 3X if you normally file the 3X).
  3. Enter your Reporting Period.
  4. Enter your Reporting Threshold.
    • For our example, we are using the 2009 threshold of $16,000. You can adjust your threshold lower than what is required by the FEC if you wish to over-report your lobbyist bundled receipts.
  5. Enter your Itemization Threshold Start Date.
  6. Complete the Form 3/3X tab with the information on Committee, Bank Accounts, Default Primary/General, Quarter, Current Period and the Monthly Quarterly check box (as you would when running your Form 3/3X).
  7. Click on the Other Schedules tab.
  8. Check the box for File Form 3L.
  9. Check which semi-annual period you are filing.
  10. Click Form 3 Information tab again.
  11. Select your Destination.
  12. Click Print.
  13. When prompted, Save your FEC form.
  14. You will get a validation file alerting you to any problems with the Form 3L. Once you have reviewed these, you can close the box.
  15. When prompted to Print, click OK.

If you need help adding in a bundled receipt, click here

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Article ID: 642
Last updated: 22 Jan, 2010
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