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Modify existing label formats

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Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010

Modifying Existing Label Formats
The label format defines the size of the label, the font, and the information to include on the
label. Labels may include any CM5 mail merge field. Use this feature to create unique name tags
for events or shipping labels. 
1.  From the Main Menu Bar, select Reports > Labels > Modify.
2.  The Open File dialog box is displayed so that you can select the label file
that you want to modify. Browse and select the label to modify.
3.  The Label Designer screen and Toolbox will appear. To the far right of
your toolbar, additional buttons appear to help you modify your label.
They are from left to right: Report Controls Toolbar, Color Palette
Toolbar, and Layout Toolbar.

4.  Report Controls Toolbar: The Report Controls Toolbar enables you to
insert text fields, insert CM5 merge fields, select and reshape fields, and
add lines and boxes to your labels.

5.  Color Palette Toolbar: The Color Palette Toolbar enables you to add
color to your labels by selecting the entry field and setting its color. You
must have a color printer for this feature to work.

6.  Layout Toolbar: The Layout Toolbar helps you align and group text
fields. This Toolbar also enables you to send graphic or text images to the
background or bring them to the front. This helps your labels appear more

7.  Changing Font and Font Size: To change Font and Font size, select the
fields that you wish to change by holding down the Shift key and clicking
once on each field. You can tell that they are selected by the small black
boxes that appear at the corners of the fields. You can also select a field or
group of fields by clicking into a in the area near a field and dragging the
mouse cursor across the desired fields. Once the fields are selected, choose
Format from the Main Menu Bar, and then choose Font. Make your font
and font size selection and choose OK.
8.  To save the modification changes, type Ctrl+W.

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Article ID: 634
Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010
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