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Letter Batches -Single and Multiple Letter Batches

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Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010

Letter Batches
Letter Batches is a feature enabling you to attach a document to a particular Issue or Contribution
entry and flagging the Records as part of a letter “batch” so that they can all be printed as a
group, even though different people may get different letters. Letter Batches are set up through
the Issues and Contribution Subfiles.

When setting up mail merge templates to select in the Letter field of the Contributions Subfile or
Disbursements Subfile, you are able to be very specific in using Merge Codes. Most fields in the
Subfiles become Merge Codes themselves. Instead of using general information as with Mail
Merges, like average contribution or last contribution, you can use more targeted values. For
example, a $500 contribution (from the Amount field) given on 01/01/2004 (from Date field) at
the New Year’s Fundraiser (from Source field).

Merging a Specific Letter to a Single Record
1.  Open the Subfile transaction for which you wish to print the letter.
2.  Click on the (PAGE) button and browse your computer for the merge
template and double-click on it.
3.  Click on the ("W"-Word Processing) button.
4.  Select the Action you want to perform by clicking the Action drop-down
list and choosing an item. The definition of each choice in the list is found
earlier in this chapter..

Merging Multiple Letters to Multiple Records in a Batch
1.  Open the Subfile you wish to use to generate the letter batch.
2.  Click on the   button and browse your computer for the mail merge
template and double-click on it. 

TIP: It is a good idea to assign each employee his or her own batch number.

1.  Be sure all Records are closed.
2.  From the Main Menu Bar, select Word Processing > Letter Batches. Select
the desired Subfile. Your choices are Contributions and Issues. The Print
Letter Batch Screen appears.

3.  Click on Staff Member to run batch for and select the Staff Member.
This limits the selection to only those records that a specific Staff Member
set up. If you would like to process all records in a batch, leave the Staff
member to run batch for field blank.
4.  Click on the Date of Batch Range and enter the Start Date and End Date
to specify the date range to process. Only Subfiles with a date within the
specified date range are processed.
5.  Click on the Mail Flag to Process field and enter the batch number you
entered in the Subfile. Only Subfiles with the same setting in the Print
field are processed.
6.  Choose either Printer or E-mail by clicking on the Merge Destination
button. Unlike the Mail Merge feature, the letters in the Letter Batch will
automatically go to the printer without giving you a chance to preview.
7.  If you want to print Labels or a Report using the same Records as the
letter Batch, check the Copy printed Records to Current Selection
8.  If you want the letter marked as “Sent “ after the merge process is
complete, click on the Mark Printed Records as Sent checkbox.

9.  If you want to see the records that will be processed, click the Browse
button. When you are through, close that window and proceed.
10. Click the Print button. 
NOTE: You will be asked once again as the letters are printing whether or not to mark the
printed Records as sent. Before choosing Yes, check of few of the printouts to see that
everything is to your liking. If not, choose No, correct the problem, and rerun the batch job.

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Article ID: 632
Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010
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