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Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010

The new mapping feature is accessed from the Current Selection menu. If you have MapPoint
2000 or later installed on your computer, you will be able to plot the points on a map based on
the Home Addresses in your Current Selection. This is an excellent tool to use for GOTV
canvassing or fieldwork, like Yard Sign delivery or eyeballing where your main supporters are.

 1.  From the Main Menu Bar, select Records > Current Selection > Map.

2.  This launches Microsoft MapPoint, which will read the Current Selection
and then plot points on a map. From here, MapPoint can figure the
quickest routes between your destinations.

3.  By clicking on the thumbtacks in the map, you can retrieve information
about each individual. On the map below, the information on one
individual is displayed in detail. Notice that the location is clearly marked.

4.  The Report Tab offers a quick method for displaying the information in a
format that can be printed. You may title your report as well.

5.  Click the Route Plan button. The Route Plan button will generate a
walking plan for volunteers and staff to efficiently and quickly move
between the points on the map. The system uses the addresses to map the
best route for your staff. After selecting Route Plan, MapPoint will show
you a graphical route as well as driving directions.

6.  In a city environment, the display will focus in on the individual streets.
The route plan is conscious of one way streets and other impediments to
travel. It is also capable of being zoomed in to allow for details on any
location. The screen below illustrates the display controls. There is a slider
bar to control magnification as well as the ability to cut and paste the
images. Other controls are available as well. By moving your mouse over
the various icons, you can see each one’s function.

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Article ID: 625
Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010
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