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Approving Disbursement Checks

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Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010

Approving Disbursement Checks
The new Check Approval feature enables you to request that the Committee make a contribution
to another committee by entering an Other Disbursement or a Contribution to Federal or
State/Local Committee into the Disbursement Edit screen of that Committee’s record, and
marking the transaction’s status “Requested”. A manager will later use the Check Approval
Accounting feature to either approve or deny the request.

Requesting a Check
1.  Open the Record where you want to make the Disbursement Request.
2.  Open the Disbursement Subfile.
3.  Enter a new Disbursement.
4.  Enter the Date, Amount, Kind, and Purpose. The Kind should be Other
Disbursement, Contribution to Fed. Comm., or Contribution to ST/Local
5.  Select Requested in the Status field.

6.  Enter data into any other fields that are pertinent to the transaction.
7.  Close and save the Disbursement. You will be prompted to automatically
send an email to whoever approves the request. Choose Yes. 
ADVISORY: To set up the Management email addresses into the Check
Request/Approval System, use the check approval setup screens under the
accounting menu item shown below. Check approval e-mail requires a
MAPI compliant e-mail client such as MS Outlook.

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Article ID: 620
Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010
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