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Budget Account or Budgeting

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Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010

The Budget accounting feature enables you to create budget codes to track Contributions and
Disbursement transactions. The Budget Account feature enables you to assign a unique number
sequence to a budget category, set a date parameter to monitor and calculate financial
transactions, and set a spending limit for the monitored time period.

Budget Account Codes
Budget Account Codes may be set at one time and later modified or created at point of entry.
Account Codes may be modified or deleted at any time. Note on the illustration below that you
may print the Budget Account Code list or scroll through the list by clicking the Previous or
Next buttons.
In our example, we have set a $50,000 spending limit for the Budget Account 5000. The Budget
Account Code 5000 is listed as Fundraising with the Sub-Category Catering Costs. Note that the
Date Range has been set for the 2004 Federal Campaign cycle.

Creating a Budget Account
As discussed in the Disbursement section, you can create a Budget Account on the fly in the
Disbursement Subfile at point of entry. Or, you can create Budget Accounts in advance using the
Accounting Menu.
1.  From the Main Menu Bar, select Accounting > Budget > New.
2.  The Budget Account dialog box appears.

3.  Enter a unique Budget Account number. Make sure that each Budget
Account has a unique number. You can use the two places after the
decimal point to identify Sub-Categories.
4.  Tab to enter Budget Code.
5.  Tab to enter Category and Sub-Category.
6.  Enter budget Limit Amount and Date Range.
7.  Select Warning Flag if desired. When you have reached a Budget pre-set
spending limit, a Warning will appear in the lower left corner of the
Disbursement Edit screen as shown:

8. Close the screen and save your changes.

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Article ID: 617
Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010
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