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Change or Delete Contribution Data

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Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010

Changing and Deleting Contribution Data

 ADVISORY: To maintain the integrity of your data for financial disclosure reports, it is
important not to delete or overwrite contribution data unless you are absolutely sure you
want to remove the data from the Record’s history. Even if the person is now deceased, it
is a good idea to maintain the Master Record and financial history (code the Record
Status: “Deceased”).

1.  Open the Record you want to change by clicking the Contribution
Subfile tab, or pressing Alt+C.
2.  Double-click the contribution you wish to delete or edit. The Contribution
Edit Subfile is now open with the selected information appearing at the
bottom of the screen.
 NOTE: You can select any contribution from the contribution history by
clicking on the desired data line in the Contribution History screen. The
complete contribution data will appear in the edit portion at the bottom of
the screen.
3.  Once the data line has been selected:
•  To Edit: Change the entry by typing over existing data.
•  To Delete: Click the delete button (X) on the Toolbar.

ADVISORY: When adding a new Subfile entry, click the (+) button on the toolbar. If
you do not, you may begin to mistakenly overwrite existing data in the currently displayed

 4.  Close and save the entry.

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Article ID: 614
Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010
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