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Subfiles - Using and Working with

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Subfiles store additional information relating to the Master Record, such as club organizations,
issues, contribution history, etc. Subfiles appear at the bottom of the Master Edit screen. 
A checkmark on a Subfile tab indicates that entries exist in the Subfile. Historical data
appears directly below the Subfile tab once you click the it. This click-and-view feature is
helpful, for example, if you are on the phone with a major donor and want to quickly check
whether the donor has made a contribution in the current campaign cycle.
Working With Subfile Entries
Use the following basic data entry methods for all additions and modifications to CM5 Subfiles.
You can add and change Subfile data in several ways. Instructions for each of these actions
appear later in this chapter.
 •  Basic Subfile Entry: Manually create a single Subfile entry in a Master

•  Add Subfile Entry Option: Adds a Subfile entry to each Record in the
Current Selection through the Current Selection menu option Add Subfile

•  Remove Subfile Entry Option: Removes a Subfile entry to each Record
in the Current Selection through the Current Selection menu option,
Remove Subfile Entries.
 •  Quick Entry Manager for Subfile Entry: Store saved Subfile data into
the Quick Entry Manager and then paste the desired quick entry item into
a new Subfile.
 •  Macros for Subfile Entry: Record a series of keystrokes and then assign
them to a single key combination for quick data entry.
Use Macros and Quick Entry Manager if you need to add the same basic Subfile information to
multiple Records. In this chapter, we will cover basic or manual Subfile entry.
Keep Your Hands on the Keyboard

Use the following hot key commands to quickly access, make modifications, and save changes to
Subfile entries. 
Quick Subfile Access: Hold down the Alt key then type the underlined letter on the Subfile tab. 
Quick Open Subfile Edit Screen: Type Ctrl+K once the desired Subfile tab is selected. 
Quick Add to Subfile: Type Ctrl+I once the desired Subfile edit screen is open. Quick Close
and Save: Type Ctrl+W. 
NOTE: If the Profile and Household tabs are not visible, click on the right arrow to the right of
the tabs. If the Contribution and Disbursement tabs are not visible, click on the left arrow to the
left of the Subfile tabs. 


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Article ID: 607
Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010
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