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Changing Master Records

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Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010

Once a record has been created or retrieved, you mah add a Subile entry, change Address information, link the record to another Record by Householding or by using the new Link Records feature, merge the Record with another or simply create a reminder to call the individual on Monday when he or she returns from vacation.

Current Record : Menu Options

The Current Record Menu is a sub-menu of Records on the Main Menu Bar.  The Current Record Sub-Menu lists operations that will modify the current Record.  A description of each item on the Current Record menu is listed below.

Edit -  Opens the Master Edit Screen

Save - Saves the Current Record(only if record is open)

Delete - Deletes the Current Record

Dial - Dials the phone numbers in the Current Record if you have a telephone modem.

Next and Previous - Moves from one Record to the previous or next.

Save for Merge - Saves the Current Record to be merged with another.

Merge with Saved - Saves the Current Record with a Record previously saved for a merge.

Save for Household - Saves the Current Record with a Record previously saved for a household.

Add to Payroll - Add Record to list of Records of individuals whose contributions to the committee are regularly deducted from the payroll (mostly used by PAC's).

Flag Record- Marks a record to be added to a Current Selection

Select Flagged Records - Creates a Current Selection from flagged Records.

Clear Flags - Unmarks all Flagged Records

Dossier - Shows the photo of individual, if Record is of a federal or state office holder ( you must purchase Aristotle's legistative database to access this feature).

Print - Prints the Master Edit Screen

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Article ID: 603
Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010
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