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Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010

The Toolbar contains several groups of buttons to assist you in specific tasks. If you place the cursor over any of the buttons a Tool Tip or definition of that button will be displayed.
The first three button on the left are related to finding and viewing Records. They are, from left to right: Browse All, Name Search (look up by name), Browse Selected. 
Cut, Copy, Paste
The next group of three buttons may be used to edit Master Record data. They are, from left to right: Cut, Copy, Paste.
Word Processing
The next two buttons are used to create and produce letters. You will see these buttons in Subfiles and on the Main Menu Bar. They are, from left to right: Word Processor, Mail Merge:
Quick Entry
The next group of buttons enables you to quickly add pre-recorded macros to a Master Record or Subfile. They are, from left to right: Add to Quick Entry, Copy Saved Quick Entry into Current File, Quick Entry Manager.
This button enables the Fundraising Screen.
Add New Record, Open, Delete
These three toolbar buttons become available after you have created a Current Selection or when you are in a Browse screen. They are, from left to right: Add New Record, Open Highlighted Record, Delete Highlighted Record.
Master Record Toolbar
This group of buttons becomes available when you open a Master Record Edit screen.
They are, from left to right:
 Add New Record
 Save Changes
 Delete Current Record
 Previous Record
 Next Record
 Make Appointment
 Add To Event NEW!
 Remove From Event NEW!
 RSVP Positive NEW!
  RSVP Negative NEW!
  RSVP Not Sure Yet NEW!
  Links NEW!
Navigation Buttons
When the Master Edit Screen is open, three buttons appear to the left of the Last Name field. These buttons enable you to quickly move among Records in a Current Selection, and list additional information about the open Master Record. They are, from left to right: Previous
Record, Next Record, List Box for Additional Fields.
Note: Previous/Next Record allows you to edit the next Record on the list without first switching to the Current Selection or the Records Browse All screen.
Subfile Toolbar
When working within Subfiles, a basic Toolbar appears allowing you to easily edit or add
Subfile entries. They are, from left to right: Save, Add, Delete, Undo.
Additional Subfile Buttons
Additional Subfile buttons will only appear in the following Subfiles:
Contribution and Disbursement Subfile
 Summary of Contribution/Disbursement Statistics
 Link Current Transaction To Another Record NEW!
 Transaction Link Total NEW!
Organization Subfile
 Browse The Master Records for Current Organization
Profile Subfile
 Activate Committee Vote Records Editor
 Activate Committee Editor
Household Subfile
 Remove this Person From The Household
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Article ID: 579
Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010
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