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Credit Card Processing

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Last updated: 31 Dec, 2013

First you must set up your account for credit card processing.  To do this, navigate through the menu bar to Settings-> Credit Card Processing.

On the Credit-Card Processing Settings page, enter your Account Login ID and password for your account.  Click the "Save Account Information" to commit this entry.

Now that your account information is set up you can process credit cards during the data entry of receipts.  To do this you will need to create a receipt using the menu option File->New Receipt or the "Add Receipt" link in the record functions box of an Entity's Page.

You will not be able to process credit cards for organizations, committees, or legislator records, already existing receipts or receipts created using the receipt panel of the individual page or Quick Entry.

Once the new receipt window has popped up, enter the Amount of the receipt, and then click the "Credit Card Processing" link in the upper left corner of the popup.

Billing information in the details of the credit card transaction will be automatically populated based on the information in the contributor's record.  You may change this information to the billing information supplied by the contributor if it is different than the default address and phone number.  Click "Process Transaction" when you have completed the form to complete the transaction and get authorization from the credit card agency.  If your transaction is successful you will be returned to the Receipt Details Panel, if it is denied you will be given a notice that the transaction could not be processed.


Due to the nature of political contributions, the transaction will be DENIED if you fail to enter any of the requested billing information, including phone number, or there is a discrepancy between the information entered and the information on file with the credit card agency.

Additonally, the billing information must match exactly to the information on file with the credit card agency.

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Article ID: 494
Last updated: 31 Dec, 2013
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