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Last updated: 16 Jul, 2014

Aristotle 360 gives you the ability to print standard checks as well as MICR checks. See attachment for MICR Check Instructions and setup.

  1. Beginning on the Committee Administration page, select View icon for your main Filing Committee.
  2. The Filing Committee Details page appears. Select the Accounts Panel Pane.
  3. The Accounts panel pane expands. Select the bank account from which you want to print checks. Here, we select View icon for the Main Checking account.
  4. The Account Edit page appears. Click the Check Printing Panel Pane.
  5. The Check Printing Panel appears. Search for the checks that you will want to print by either:
    1. Specifying a date range in the Date between fields
    2. Clicking the drop-down arrow on the Batch: field and selecting a batch from the list Then click Search Transactions button.
  6. A list of transactions that meet your search criteria appear. Select checks for printing by selecting to check the item’s checkbox in the Check column.
  7. Enter the starting check number as you want it to appear on the first check in the Start Check No: field.  Note: If more than one check is selected, the check number will increase sequentially
  8. Click the drop-down arrow to select the check template for your checks.
  9. Select to check the checkboxes for the options in the Select Fields To print to have the check number, election period, contents of the Note field (from the transaction record), and or address printed on the check(s).
  10. Click the Create Checks button. This creates the file for printing.
  11. The Check Printing Panel reappears. The check(s) are cleared from the list, and a link is created at the bottom of the panel. Click the Check [#].pdf link to download the file with the electronic information for your checks that you will ultimately print.

MICR Printing & Setup

Aristotle supports MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) Checks standard within the Aristotle 360 platform.   If you would like to take advantage of the efficiency and potential cost savings of MICR Printing you will need to purchase (available online or through your local office supply store) check stock reflecting 7 1/3” and 2/3 perforation using 8 ½” x 11” bottom check paper.

MicroPro style 608 has been tested but other suppliers use their own style numbers OR other vendors use the perforation measure when defining their standards which are interchangeable.

Getting Started: Aristotle’s staff will assist you in the setup for MICR printing. Changes must be made to your database/security settings.   Also - some clients prefer our Outsourcing staff to generate checks for them or have a preference for automated check printing. of checks that require changes made to

Make sure you have your signature file and logo stored in the 360 Repository. These must be saved using a specific filing convention.  (See below for specific guidelines for setting up logos).

The image size that we use for Logo and Signatures. 

Signature Size:

Width:       2.02 Inches

Height:     0.50 Inches

Logo Size:     

Width :     1.94 Inches

Height:     0.25 Inches

For Signature: Check Printing>>Signature>>AccountName-FilingCommitteeSourceID.file extension

For Logo: Logo can be defined on client level or Filing committee level. While Printing checks first preference will be given to Filing Committee level logo, if there no logo defined for Filing Committee then it will go and pick Client Level. Check Printing>>Logo >> Client: In this folder upload an image with the name as defined for organization: E.g File name here will be Johnson for Congress.png

Please see attached document for complete instructions on using MICR Checks

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Article ID: 423
Last updated: 16 Jul, 2014
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