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Last updated: 17 Dec, 2011

Occasionally, you may want to systematically enter data that Aristotle 360 does not currently have fields for.  If desired, you can create custom fields by going to Settings > User-Defined Fields.

1. Beginning on the User-Defined Fields page, create a field group by typing a name in the Add New Group field, then click the Add New Group button. For this example, you create a field group called Volunteers.

2. Click Select on the group you just added.

3. Type the name of a field in the Add New Field field, then click the Add New Field button. This will be the name of the fields that displays, so be sure your name is descriptive of what should be entered into it. For this example, you create the fields Daytime, Nighttime, Weekend, and Anytime.

4. Continue to add fields as necessary.

5. Open an Individual Record of a person to whom you wish to assign the User Defined Fields group. Expand the Custom Fields panel.

6. Scroll to the Custom Fields area at the bottom of the panel and click the Add New Group button.

7. The Select a user defined group to add window appears. You can select from a list of groups you have already created. For this example, click to select your Volunteers group.

8. Your user defined fields appear. Click the Save button on the Options Bar to save your changes.

You can now enter data for your user defined fields. Use the inputs “Yes” or “No”, or “True” or “False” to indicate a status for a given field, although you are not restricted to this. Since these are text entry fields, be sure to be consistent with the data you input into these fields.

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Article ID: 410
Last updated: 17 Dec, 2011
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