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Last updated: 21 Aug, 2009

The Aristotle 360 Dashboard is one of two landing pages when users log in.  To change your landing page, go to SETTINGS on the menu bar and click MY USER SETTINGS. Here users can toggle their landing page to either the Dashboard or the Homepage.

The Dashboard layout is divided into three main panels.  The panel on the left includes Quick Search, Quick Entry, Upcoming Reporting Deadlines and Recently Modified Records.  The panel in the middle includes, Total Receipts, Additional Financial Activity and General Statistics.  The panel on the right includes, Quick Start, Current and Upcoming Events and Indvidual Groups.

  • Quick Search - The Quick Search box is located below the Menu Bar in the left navigation panel.  Simply type a word or words (first name, last name, first name [space] last name, organization name, or Source ID) in the box labeled Keyword; select the record type from the Look In: field drop-down list, and then click the Search button. You are presented with a list of records meeting your search criteria. Like the Menu Bar, Quick Search is accessible on all pages of the program.
  • Quick Entry - The Quick Entry button is located below the Quick Search box. Clicking this button accesses the Quick Entry page, where you can perform batch operations such as entering receipts, disbursements, and groups. Like the Menu Bar and Quick Search, you’ll see the Quick Entry button on all pages of the program.
  • Upcoming Reporting Deadlines - This are lists your significant FEC reporting deadlines that are occurring within two weeks of today.
  • Recently Modified Records - This displays the last five records modified in the dataset.
  • Total Receipts - This area displays your total receipt amounts, per month, in a bar chart.  Note, clicking on the CHANGE HERE TO CHANGE CHART DATA RANGE allows users to customize the number of months displayed in the chart.  This only applies at the dataset user level and not a global level.  Also, clicking on any one of the columns will bring up a list of all transactions for that month.
  • Additional Financial Activity - This area displays two graphs. The Disbursements by type, last six months displays your disbursement totals by type in a pie chart. The more types you have, the more slices your pie chart contains.  Note, right clicking on the pie-chart users can enable the rotation function.  This allows users to rotate the chart for betting viewing.  The Contributions vs. Disbursements, last six months displays your receipt and disbursement totals per month on a line graph.
  • General Statistics - This area displays two charts. The Records chart shows the total number of records my record type, and the total disbursements amount. The Receipts chart displays receipt totals by period.  Note, users can modify the election cycle for the Receipts by clicking on the link THIS ELECTION CYCLE.
  • Quick Start - This area contains links that help you to quickly perform the following tasks: Create New Individual, Create New Organization, Create New Committee and Create New Event
  • Current and Upcoming Events - This area lists any Events you scheduled in the current month.
  • Individual Groups - This area lists the names of all of the groups that you have defined in the system. You can access the members of a particular group directly from this area by expanding the Group Category and then clicking on the group’s name.  Note, by default the group counts are turned off.  Users can enable group counts by contacting Aristotle Technical Support ( or 800-243-4401 ext 1).
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Article ID: 396
Last updated: 21 Aug, 2009
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