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Using Mass Email Wizard for Blast Fundraising Emails

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Last updated: 17 Jul, 2012

Mass email has the option of directly sending the email to all targeted individuals, instead of making campaign member send the emails manually.

To send a blast fundraising email in 360, go to Activities > New Mass Activity > Mass Email Wizard. This can be used in conjunction with the Web Form builder for a one stop fundraising  email solicitation by simply adding the URL for a webform in the body of your blast email.

-Using the wizard, you can send the email immediately or schedule it for a future date and time.
-Then, you will target your recipients. Enter a title and description for the activity. Next, you can select an activity campaign to associate it with and select your target audience.
-From there, you will edit the sender information (email address and name of sender).
-Now you can enter the content of the email, preview the message, select a template, add merge fields, opt for click through tracking and format your email. (Here is where you can use a webform in your email to collect donations.)
-Finally, you will schedule the delivery and select if you want to be notified once the activity is complete.
-Click finish to distribute the email.
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Article ID: 381
Last updated: 17 Jul, 2012
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