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Exporting a Saved List

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Last updated: 18 Dec, 2011

Lists generated through searches can be exported to various file formats for further analysis, etc. Aristotle offers the ability for the user to select the appropriate fields to be exported. To export a list:

  1. Go to Search > List Manager.
  2. Locate the desired list and click the "View" button on the far left.
  3. Select which entity type you need exported (individual, committee, organization)
  4. In the List Functions box, select "Add/Edit Fields and Calculations".
  5. From the box on the left, select the desired fields you'd like exported and move them into the box on the right with the arrow buttons. Click the apply button when finished.
  6. In the List Functions box, click "Export Results". Select the desired file type and then click the "Export Records" button.

You will have the option to Open or Save the exported file.

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Article ID: 270
Last updated: 18 Dec, 2011
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