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Creating a New Legislator Record

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Last updated: 22 May, 2014

Creating a New Legislator Record

Please Note that the create new legislator record process has changed:. Federal legislator records are updated automatically on a semi-monthly basis by Aristotle.  The instructions below are for adding a single legislator that has either not yet been populated or is a state/local legislator that you need to add one-off.  If you require entire state/local legislator loads in your database, please contact your account manager.

1.        Go To FileNew Legislator

2.        Personal Information and enter Legislator Name, Party etc. and

3.        <<Save >>

4.        Open District Information Panel

a.       Select Add District

b.        Enter District Level (Fed/State/Local)

c.        Legislative Body

d.        State

e.        Code

            f.         Click Add

            g.        Open District Information and set Default radio button

            h.        Set Candidate and/or In Office flags

            i.         Save Details

6.            You may now enter Address, Phone and other contact details

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Article ID: 241
Last updated: 22 May, 2014
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