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August Release - Sprint 107

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Last updated: 31 Jul, 2019


Sprint 107 Release Notes

August Release


Sprint 107 went live on August 2, 2019.   During this Sprint we created three (3) new APIs to support email subscribe, email unsubscribe and inserting individual records into 360.  We also added a new mobile phone field within Action Center registration workflow. We optimized the search for Bills and Votes within Query Builder and the universal list. Lastly, we finalized the overall user interface and experience for the forth-coming “Lobby App” and related settings.


Email Subscribe and Unsubscribe

We have created two endpoints to update subscribe and unsubscribe email flag within 360. We can pass a JSON array that may contain up to 20 records. 

See Documentation at

Individual API

We have created three endpoint to support fetching, creating or updating an individual within Aristotle 360. The POST can be used to create up to 20 individuals. The GET and PUT calls support one individual at a time. Please review API documentation within the Online Help section to learn more about these endpoints.

See Documentation at

Action Center

Support Mobile Phone Capture in Registration

Aristotle Advocacy now supports the capture of Mobile Phone number within the registration interface.  Advocates may now added during the registration process their mobile phone. The mobile phone number will be written to their Individual record within Aristotle 360. By default, the number will be set to “Opt-Out” status for the purpose of SMS Text Campaigns.  In a forthcoming development Sprint will be instituting a formal Opt-In / Opt-Out method so you can build your SMS Campaign list.

Bills & Votes

Search Optimization

We have made some code changes to optimize searches associated with Bills & Votes data.  We have improved search and return times in Query Builder and when appending Bills & Vote fields within the universal list.

Aristotle Mobile Advocate

User Interface/User Experience Concepts

Aristotle has begun work on a mobile government relations resource. The initial roll-out will focus on a lobbyist use case but additional features will be rolled in as the product matures.   The App will provide the user with the ability to search for Legislators, including assets details, Legislation and activity tracking.  Our goal is to provide a custom user experience, based on user persona, in a mobile form factor.

We have completed the requirements and UI phase and will begin work on the App beginning in Sprint 108 (September Release).  It will be a multi-sprint effort and we look forward to releasing this App in the near future.

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Article ID: 1244
Last updated: 31 Jul, 2019
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