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May Release - Sprint 105

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Sprint 105 Release Notes

May Release


Sprint 105 went live on May 24, 2019.   During this Sprint we made a number of enhancements relating to the Aristotle Advocacy platform, Webform and Bills & Votes service.  

Aristotle Advocacy

Alert Communication and Follow-Up Communications Options

Aristotle Advocacy now provides even greater flexibility on Advocacy Alert configuration. Aristotle Advocacy will not provide granular control on Communications Medium (Primary) and Follow-up Communication Option configuration.

You can configure your alert to provide Email, Fax, Phone and/or Twitter within both the primary communication options and confirmation page. Previously Follow-up Communications options mirrored the options presented within the Communication Option (Primary).  You can tailor both to the needs of your program and advocates.

Configure Options: To turn on an option select toggle (Blue Active Option and Grey is inactive).


  1. Communication Options – These are the standard Communications method detailing the method the advocate’s message will be sent to their legislators/target.
  2. Default Communication Option – This is the method that will be automatically presented to the Advocate. You may only select one option to be open OR select no option which will force Advocate to select method in contacting their legislator(s).
  3. Follow Up Communication Option(s) – The admin may setup communication method(s) that will be presented to the advocate on the Confirmation Page (after they have taken primary action using one the configured Communication Options).

Example: As displayed above our Communication Option is set to Email/Webform and Phone. The Follow-up Communication Options are Twitter and Fax. The following page shows the alert after the Advocate has logged in.

After Taking Action by email, the Confirmation Page is displayed. Green Checks next to targets confirm the advocate’s communications have been sent by email.  Also, the communication page displays the additional Communications Options configured for Fax and Twitter communications.

 Notice: Phone was only set as a Communication Option (Primary) and was excluded from the Confirmation Page.

Set Default Action Method

Aristotle Advocacy now provides the Admin the ability to set which Action Alert communication method will be opened by default when multiple communications options are present and advocate is authenticated. 

The new Default Communication Option may be left unselected so that NO default communication option is opened. This configuration will require the Advocate to proactively select their preferred communication method.  We believe setting a default option will improve your conversion rates by eliminating decision points from the process.

For legacy Alerts, no option will be set, as a default communications concept did not previously exist within the application.  The advocate may edit old alerts to enable a default communications method.

To Set a Default Communications Option see the following:

1. Action Alert Wizard’s Admin Info. Page see new Communications Option(s) Interface below Publish Date.

2. Click Radio Button to enable Communication Option to be open by default.

3. To Remove Default Option simply click radio button to deselect.

Do not Enforce Prefix for Aristotle Advocacy – Canadian Version

For our Canadian clients using Aristotle Advocacy there is no requirement to enforce the Prefix field unlike our domestic clients interacting with Federal Legislators.   The Prefix field will no longer be enforced as a mandatory field within the registration or alert interface.

Additional Send Button

We have some clients that develop particularly lengthy Advocate Messages that may push the Send Message button down the page.  We now make available an additional Send Button that may be displayed by applying Custom CSS to your Action Center. 

The new Send Button will appear beneath the Target List and Above the Subject line.

Please note that by applying Custom CSS to display the extra Send button will be applied to all alerts. Please contact your Account Manager as they would be happy to enable this option.

Best practices noted by the Congressional Management Foundation state that Advocate messages are most effective when they are personalized and consist of approximately 300 characters.  The longer the message the less effective advocate personalization as Hill Constituent Service Software will analyze messages for “sameness” and personalized content will be more difficult to detect based on the longer message.


Include Group Details on Notification Emails

Aristotle has updated Webform messages (Internal Notifications, Form Submitter Confirmation Emails and Recurring Transaction notifications) to include Donation Giving Levels and Group Options.

Bills & Votes

Expose State Votes to Sharepoint Websites and Other Items

We have updated service to permit publishing Votes to advocate facing Sharepoint sites. We have also optimized quartz service to update tracked state Bills and Votes. Work has begun on new design of Bills and Votes interface and expression.

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