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October Release - Sprint 98

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Sprint 98 Release Notes

October Release

Sprint 98 went live on October 3rd, 2018.

In Sprint 98, we finished work relating to our new State Conduit Management app. Aristotle has always supported our State Conduit clients but we recognized the need to further simplify the process using a single application that would provide a variety of features that will make managing these transactions quick and effective.

State Conduit Management


The new State Conduit Management App provides a single place to create state conduit disbursements, manage individual available receipt balances, allocate individual receipts and create all necessary compliance reports.


The application will permit user to manage the full state conduit disbursement creation process without leaving the conduit management application. The State Conduit Management system will create all necessary transactions (Disbursements and linked Individual receipt allocations) in Aristotle 360.  These transactions are created in such a way as your Conduit Compliance report can be generated without issue.

Getting to know Aristotle’s State Conduit Management Application

The main page is accessed from the File Menu under the Tools sub-menu. User will select “State Conduit Management” from the file menu options.

From the main page the user may do the following:

  • Filter Disbursements by Filing Committee
    • Review Transactions
    • Edit available Transactions
  • Create a New Disbursement

Create New Disbursement

A create disbursement pop-up will display where the user will need to address the following fields:

  • Filing Committee – User must select the Filing Committee from which the disbursement will be made AND individual’s receipts have been contributed.  This provides the ability to link permissible receipts to the disbursement.
  • Bank Account – Select the Bank Account associated to the Filing Committee
  • Date – Enter Disbursement Date
  • Disbursement To – User need only type a few characters and smart search will pull available committee from your database. If committee is not found, select Add Committee to create a new committee.
  • Election Period – Associate disbursement to a specific Election Period
  • Amount – Enter Amount of Disbursement

This will create the stub disbursement to which individual receipts will be linked/allocated to create a compliant state conduit disbursement transaction.

Once completed, user will select Allocate Individual Receipts button.

Allocate Individual Receipts

This screen will support the individual receipt allocation process. The screens natural state will show the Disbursement in the top panel.  The lower panel will promote individuals who may have their receipts allocated to the disbursement.  You may filter the list by a dedicated Group field called “Donor Preference” to display a sub-set of individuals who may wish to participate. By default all available individuals who have a positive Available Amount balance will be shown.

The user will select one or more individuals from the “Available Individuals” list where some or all of their available amount balance may be allocated/linked to the disbursement. You may select multiple individuals to move down to the Selected Individuals panel and make your allocations.

Once you have moved individuals into the Selected Individuals panel you may allocate a portion or all of their available amount.

Once the total balance equals the amount of the disbursement you may save Selected transaction” or select Create Disbursement and Link Transaction to commit the disbursement and linked receipts to the 360 database.

You can review the transactions within Aristotle 360.  The Status of the transaction will show a “Non-Posted” state until a check has been generated. Transactions in a Non-Posted state may be deleted through the interface next to Action. 

When reviewing the transaction in Aristotle 360 you will see the linked transactions under the Linked Receipts display.

Voiding a Disbursement

You can always “Delete” a transaction if you no longer on planning to cut a check when the disbursement is in the non-posted or uncommitted state.  If the user needs to void a transaction you can do it directly within the State Conduit App as well.

If a disbursement has a check number and posted date shown, the app will require you to Void the transaction.

Search for the Disbursement from the Main Page.  Select Edit Transaction and next to “Action” you will see Void button.  Select Void/Reverse Conduit Transaction.

Once selected the disbursement will be voided AND offsets to the individual allocations will be made. These offsets will correct the Available Amount associated to the individual(s) insuring that the balance is correct

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