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August Release - Sprint 96

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Sprint 96 Release Notes

August Release


Sprint 96 went live on August 1, 2018.

In Sprint 96 we implemented a new Email Template builder that will insure universal deliverability for your Mass Emails in an easy to use drag and drop interface.  We have also updated Action Center to support sending Carbon Copy (CC) messages to secondary targets. Basically, which ever email is sent to your primary target will be copied and sent to a list of carbon copy recipients.   In addition to these enhancements we have included some productivity aids that provide Individual Group search from the Dashboard and Value Search for adding columns to display within the Universal List.

Mass Email

New Email Template Editor

This new email template builder supports a drag and drop interface which will provide non-technical users the ability to easily craft visually compelling emails. The manner in which the emails are created will insure your emails render correctly within any email client.

You can easily setup templates for your newsletters, Action Alerts, solicitations or any frequent type of communication and create a shell where you can content later in the Wizard. 

Legacy Template Support: We will continue to support your existing templates (Now called Legacy Templates) and they may be used as they traditionally have been. You may call the legacy template into a new mass email as well as create a new template using the old method.

Modern Template: The new Template Editor (Modern Template) will provide an intuitive drag and drop methodology where content blocks (text, buttons, images, etc.) are arraigned to build your email. You can easily browse how your email will render when viewed in a computer, tablet or mobile email client. 

The new email template editor may be found under settings->Template Editor. 


  1. Go to Setting and select Email Template
  2. Select Add Modern Template
  3. Name Your Template
  4. Create your template by dragging desired content blocks to build your desired layout
  5. Save
  6. Open Mass Email Activity and add your new template as you would normally do
  7. Add text and 360 Links including auto-login links, Express Advocacy links etc. into the requested template
  8. Send

Aristotle Advocacy

We provided one major feature and two small enhancements to the Aristotle Advocacy in this release. Our advocacy platform now supports Carbon Copying of messages to secondary recipients. In this release we have also enhanced the visibility of the message edit/preview link and made a small text change of Legislators to “Recipients” as not all advocacy campaigns are targeted to a legislators. 

Support Carbon Copy Messages to Secondary Targets

Aristotle Advocacy now supports sending an exact copy of a message, sent to a primary target, to a secondary recipient.   Typical use case reflects trying to influence a Custom Target and copying the message to an advocate’s legislator as well. 

The principal is the same as sending a CC (Carbon Copy) Letter/Email message to a primary recipient with additional individuals receiving a copy of the message as well.

All activities will be recorded back to Aristotle 360 for both the primary and secondary (CC) recipient(s) as well as the advocate’s record.

The Admin will note a new option within the Action Alert Wizard within Settings called “Include Carbon Copy Message Recipients”. To enable feature simply Check the Box and Select Carbon Copy Recipient types. You can send to both Federal and State Legislators based on your program’s need.

The letter sent to the primary recipient will show beneath the signature line “CC: Recipient Name

Highlight Edit/Preview function and change to generic text

To highlight the edit/preview function on the alert page we have removed the “pencil” icon and replaced with straightforward text that reads “Edit/Preview”.  We have also replaced the generic text slug “Dear (Legislator’s name and title will automatically be added by system when communication is sent) to reflect “Recipient’s name and title will automatically be added by system when communication is sent) to better reflect that not all recipients are legislators.

Group Search on Dashboard

To assist users we have added a Group search capability for individual record groups on the Dashboard page.  We have heard from some clients that maintain numerous Groups that navigating to a desired element can be tedious.  With the new search you could enter a desired value and the individual Group Name will open within the nested Group Category.

From the Dashboard page go to Individual Groups panel on right side of screen. Under Search add a few characters and nested values will start to be displayed.

Column Search/Filter for Fields

When working with a universal list we thought it would be helpful to provide a filter and select mechanism to speed up your searching for specific fields.  Within the Universal List you can select Add/Edit Fields and Calculations where you can select fields for inclusion in display.   You will see a new “Search Available Fields” box where you can enter a field name to quickly locate in the list of available fields.  For example, user wants to email to their displayed list.  Simply enter “Email” and all available fields that have term will be returned.

Note: You can click enter and value will be moved to selected field and Search box will reset.  If you would like to add multiple values use CNTRL+Enter to move field to Selected Fields and maintain Search filter and filtered Fields List.

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Article ID: 1229
Last updated: 14 Aug, 2018
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