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June Release - Sprint 95

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Last updated: 27 Jun, 2018


Sprint 95 Release Notes

June Release


The June Release went live on June 29th.

In Sprint 95 we have simplified the Action Center login to make it easier for your advocates to quickly find their legislators and start taking action. You will note a new User Interface as well as reduced data entry burden on your advocate’s part to find their legislator.   We have also made some changes to our Webform builder to better support Group assignments.  We have also finalized research projects associated with some future enhancements to our Mass Email service and a new Analytics Dashboard.

Action Center

Simplify Login & Advocate Registration

We have enhanced the workflow associated with the login and registration process for new advocates.   Aristotle has removed the “My Account” login box and replaced it with a more prominent login/registration interface contained within a central panel.  This panel will automatically slide open if an unauthenticated advocate hits a direct alert link.

An advocate that is not found after entering Email & ZIP will no longer have to re-enter Email and ZIP.  The registration screen will automatically open to capture their address and will carry the entered data from the prior screen.

Also, ZIP will automatically populate city and state fields. The advocate will only have to enter their Prefix, name, street address and phone. 

We also provide a direct link for New Advocates, if the advocate knows they have never registered before, that will link to the registration screen.

Overview of Action Center Enhancements:

  • New User Interface for Login & Registration
    • Central Panel Slider
    • Elimination of the My Account Button
  • Reduced Data Entry Burden
    • Previously entered email and ZIP is maintained and passed to registration page
    • ZIP Code auto-fill for City and State fields
    • Tab order – users tabbing will land on ZIP before City and State.
  • Better visibility on required fields and notifications
    • High Visibility Red Flag indicates Required Field
    • Call-out for missing data

  • Better visibility on View/Edit Record work flow

    • My Account access is maintained within center panel
    • View/ Edit Record is clearly defined
  • Missing Address handling – When an alert has been configured for a specific address, and it is missing from the advocates record, Advocate Details panel will automatically open requesting the missing data.

Support Unique Carousel Letters

Aristotle Advocacy now supports completely unique carousel letters. Administrators may apply completely unique letters by entering custom content within Subject, Introduction, Message and Conclusion. 


Support Default Check Box Option for Groups

Aristotle’s webforms now support default check box options for Groups.  Admin may select a default Group option that is checked by default on the form.   When a Group is designated it will automatically be populated on the Webform. When advocate submits the designation will be written to their record.

Make Group Field Designation Required

Administrator may now make Group Field selection a required field.   Within the webform management wizard you will now see, within Group Options, an option to make field entry required. When enabled, the advocate must make select a group. If they submit prior to designating a group they will receive a warning.

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Article ID: 1228
Last updated: 27 Jun, 2018
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