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May Release (Part II) - Sprint 94

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Last updated: 30 May, 2018


Sprint 94 Release Notes

May Release- Part II


The second May Release went live on May 31st.

Sprint 94 provides an update to our Dashboard widgets to eliminate Flash dependency. We have also provided a mechanism to capture Twitter handles for advocates sharing or taking action via Twitter.  We have enhanced Quick Entry to show previous disbursements to entities in the User Interface. 

Also – we are finishing up a new user interface for Action Center login/registration process that will be released next month.   Lastly, we performed research on the enhancement of our Mass Email service.


Enhanced Dashboard Widgets

We have updated the methodology to create widget elements on the dashboard.   This enhancement provides compatibility with all browsers and eliminates any dependency on Flash which is no longer widely adopted by our users.   Users may select line, Bar or Pie charts though we plan to add more options in the future.

Legacy charts created using stored queries will reflect new version. New charts will support drill down. Also, each dashboard element will now take advantage of an entire “Row” to provide better readability of the chart.

New Version

Deprecated Version

Social Media

Capture Twitter Handle to Individual Record

Aristotle wants to assist you in building your Social Media list. Aristotle will now capture your advocate’s Twitter handle when they take action via Twitter or share your alerts via Twitter.  As part of this effort we have added an additional field for Twitter called “Twitter Handle” in the individual record to augment the Twitter Profile URL to manage additional use cases. Twitter related fields are exportable.

Quick Entry

Disbursements – Show Previous Disbursements

To help make your disbursement entry as fast and accurate as possible we have added a display of legacy disbursements to eliminate duplicative entry.

We have added a Quick Entry Transaction Type Selection box that will toggle between Receipt, Disbursements, Group and Attendees that is the starting point. It defaults to “Receipts”. To get started entering Disbursements.  When selected note that the transaction type auto-selects Disbursements. Search for an individual, Organization or Committee as normal and legacy disbursements will show as illustrated above.

Action Center

Login/Registration Enhancement

We are finishing up a new User Interface to manage the login and registration process for advocates.  Within this enhancement we will better promote the login and registration work flow and simplify the registration process. We anticipate the release to take place next release (June 2018).


Mass Email

We are undergoing a massive research project to assist our users craft more interesting emails via an enhanced Template Builder. This new version will support Drag and Drop, improved image handling, improved rendering in email clients and overall more intuitive design. We expect to have the enhanced version ready in a few more months!

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Article ID: 1227
Last updated: 30 May, 2018
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