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Data Retention Policy

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Last updated: 05 Apr, 2018

Data Retention Policy


1.0 Overview

This policy defines the retention policy for server logs, documents and electronic data owned by Aristotle or stored by Aristotle on behalf of clients.

2.0 Purpose

This policy establishes the retention period of data within systems owned by Aristotle and for which Aristotle is responsible for the disposition of deleted data.  This includes system and log files that are a routine record of events on systems.

3.0 Scope

This policy applies to all equipment and data owned and operated by Aristotle International, Inc.

4.0 Record Types

This policy addresses electronic data generated by systems in in various formats (.txt, .mdf, .ldf, .zip, docx, etc), emails, syslog data, file server documents, chat logs, active directory user information.

Record Retention

5.0 Record Retention

  • Network Device Syslog Data Maintained in ELA SIEM – Indefinitely.
  • Active Directory User Data – Logs will be maintained Indefinitely in ELA SIEM, user accounts will be deleted per the access control policy.
  • Server event log data – Indefinitely in ELA SIEM.
  • TFS will be backed up every 60 minutes. TFS contains all source code, bugs, project plans/road maps, release notes & tickets.
  • File Server files – The file server is backed up every 4 hours, the oldest backup is 30 days, after which files will be over written.
  • Client Databases – Data will be stored while clients have an active contract with Aristotle.  Aristotle returns data to clients upon the end of a contractual relationship. If clients want to pay for long term cold storage the data will be archived to tape using Aristotle’s tape archiving process.
  • Client Filings – Copies of client reports filed by Aristotle will be stored for at least five (5) years so long as the client maintains a contractual relationship with Aristotle.  Copies of stored filings will be provided to clients at the end of the contractual relationship.
  • Email – Will be kept indefinitely using Barracuda Message Archiver.

Litigation Hold

6.0 Litigation Hold

When Aristotle receives a litigation hold for electronic data, IT will create quarantine copies of requested data. This can be in the form of a message archiver export, Rapid Recovery export, SQL Backup, ELA SIEM log export. No data will be provided without legal counsel approval.

7.0 Enforcement

IT will follow normal daily, monthly and annual processes to ensure the data retention policy is upheld.  ELA SIEM, Barracuda Message Archiver, Rapid Recovery are all automated systems that don’t allow end users access to delete or modify access.  ELA & Barracuda Message Archiver are read only from an end user stand point. Logs & Email are automatically pulled in as they are created.  These systems are monitored on a regular basis.

8.0 Compliance & Abuse

Any employee found to be abusing Aristotle’s retention policy will be subject to discipline up to termination upon HR & IT investigation.

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Article ID: 1224
Last updated: 05 Apr, 2018
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