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Action Center Settings

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Last updated: 12 Jun, 2019

Action Center Settings

Aristotle Advocacy provides the administrative user the ability to centrally manage multiple default settings in Action Center that include Action Center view (List or by Jurisdiction), Sliding Banner Header images, Footer and Welcome Message.  Areas where default setting may be set include notifications, Alert Icon and Confirmation Message.

Header Slider Treatment:

The Header Slider Treatment, when enabled, will rotate a Header image and subsequent banner image(s) associated to the Action Alert(s).  The order presented is based on the Header image showing first and then alerts based on Publish Order. The slider will advance approximately every 7 seconds.  To configure your Header treatment (slider on/off) and default grid view we have made changes to the Action Center Settings page.

To enable Slider Images feature within your header, please follow these steps:

  1. Action Center Setting – Under Settings navigate to Action Center Settings
  2. Add a Master Header Image to the repository within the Legislative Alert Images folder. Image must maintain an aspect ratio of 2:1. 
  3. Select Slider in Action Center Header Option – Admin has ability to select Fixed (Traditional) or Slider. Once image is select it will serve as the first image displayed to advocates within header
  4. Save

Action Center Header & Footer

For clients wishing to express Action Center as a free standing website you may add your Custom Header and Footer html code into the appropriate area.  Select Source and place code. Deselecting Code will show your image.

Action Center Introduction (Welcome Message)

Admin may create a welcome message that will appear on the Action Center landing page.

Action Center View (Default List/Grid):

To set your default alert list display on the Action Center List Page you will set preference within the Action Center Settings page.  Please note that the application by default presents your Alert(s) in the traditional list view.   Also – the advocate may toggle between List/Grid view based on their preference using the graphical toggle within the Action Center page.

To change Action Slider default view please follow these steps:

To change Action Slider default view please follow these steps:

  1. Action Center Setting – Under Settings navigate to Action Center Settings
  2. Select Grid to show Grid Images
  3. Save

*Note – The thumbnail image shown within the list AND grid view populate from Action Center Alert Wizard within the Advanced Options then Videos and Images. Admin can display a YouTube video or static image/infographic as shown below.

Action Center List Jurisdiction to be Displayed by Default

You may setup your landing page to display your alerts as a list (commingling Federal, State and Other Alerts in a list) or break your alerts up based on different Jurisdicitons (Federal, State and Other). This control will manage how your alerts are presented and which tab is open by default. All (Single List View) is set by Default. Regardless of display option, you may order the alerts as needed.

Default View:

Federal Jurisdiction View:

Expired Action Alert Message

If your advocate attempts to act on a message that has expired (based on alert end date) your custom message will appear.

Rejection Message

Some messages are targeted to specific advocates. For example: An alert is targeted to Virginia Legislators and a Maryland advocate attempts to take action.  In this case the Rejection Message will appear.

My Legislators

Aristotle Advocacy , when option is enabled, will display a new tab where your advocates Legislators are displayed.  This will show Legislators Scorecard, Lifetime rating, support of key bills and other information for their Federal/State Legislators for both their home and state addresses

Search for Me Text

You may provide custom text that provides guidance to your advocates on how to get started in matching their record; or if new on how to create a new advocate record.

Alert Icon

You may upload a default icon to display with your Action Alert. Note: You can set a different icon within the Alert setup that will over-ride this default setting.

Update Personal Information

You may permit your advocates with the ability to update their information within Aristotle 360 by selecting this option. Any modifications captured on the Action Center will be applied to the master database.

No Alerts Active Message

This custom message will be displayed if you do not have any active alerts.

Confirmation Message

General text that will be included in your confirmation page. Advocate see the confirmation page once they have completed taking action. Information included within the confirmation include the Alert Name, Legislator(s) contacted and method of contact.

Confirmation Email

The Confirmation Email which will serve as your advocates “Receipt”.  Aristotle 360 will fill in the details portion automatically with alert name, legislator(s) contacted, Method of Contact etc. 

    1. Confirmation Email Subject – Subject Line of Email
    2. Confirmation Email Body Header – Header portion of the email. (Precedes auto-generated details of their activity).
    3. Confirmation Email Body Footer – Footer portion of the email (Follows auto-generated details of their activity).

Advocate Login and Register Labels

You can provide custom labels for the Login and Register section!  Remember that there is a twenty (20) characters limit for the labels.

These labels will be automatically incorporated in some warning messages! So craft you labels with the warning in mind. The convention is as follows: “You need to select [Login Label] or [Register] to participate in the alert”.

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Article ID: 1222
Last updated: 12 Jun, 2019
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