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March Release - Sprint 92

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Last updated: 27 Mar, 2018


Sprint 92 Release Notes

March Release


The March Release went live on March 27th.

You will find in the Sprint enhancements to the following areas: New Tell-A-Friend functionality for Action Alerts, Email Report, Support 280 characters for Twitter alerts and new approach to adding Regulations from Regulations.Gov.

Action Center


Aristotle Advocacy now supports Tell-A-Friend functionality for Legislative Alerts.  Your advocates, after taking action themselves, may send an email to a Friend that includes a brief message and link to the Action Alert.

The Administrator enables this functionality within the Social Media & Sharing Tab (Advanced Options).  The system will automatically add the Tell-A-Friend link to the email so your advocate may send to a Friend who would be interested in joining your advocacy effort.

The friend may click on the link and create a new record. When the recipient, or Friend, registers then a new record will be created within Aristotle 360.  A Relationship link likewise will be created between the sender and the friend within the District Information, Relationship tab & Voting History Blade.

Twitter Expanded Characters

Recently, Twitter roll-out to all users support for 280 characters. Aristotle Advocacy has expanded the number of characters available to Twitter Advocacy messages to 280 characters.

Regulatory Advocacy – Add Regulation to Aristotle 360

Recently, Regulations.Gov discontinued support for their Search API that our Regulatory Advocacy had a dependency on for searching and creating Regulatory Alerts.   We have added the ability to manually enter the Regulation ID or Copy the Regulations URL into the Add Regulations. The easiest approach would be to simply copy the URL. Make sure you haven’t added an extra space when copying the URL!

After adding the ID or Regulation the admin will hit Search. The Regulation page will open and will require save to be maintained within Aristotle 360.

You may use either element to find and create the regulation and shown below in Red.

New Aristotle Advocacy User Interface

Product is currently working on a simplification of the overall User Interface for Aristotle Advocacy. We anticipate rolling out the new design in May.   The current working concept would eliminate the “Advocate Box” where the advocate may manage their contact information and promote it more effectively within the focal point of the page. Also, we will make it easier for your advocates to register after entering email and ZIP which will be maintained in the registration page.


New Format Options for Field Labels

Aristotle’s Webform permits clients to publish forms to the web to support fundraising, group assignments and joining membership lists.   We have added a CK Editor to permit users to modify Form Labels within Form Builder.  

The formatting options will support basic styling such as font size, font color (Foreground and Background), and paragraph formatting.  Formatting that has been applied will be visible in the web form in displayed mode.


Mass Email Report        

Aristotle 360 now maintains a new Mass Email Report that may be found at:  Reports->General Reports->Mass Email Report. The report permits searching for one or more Mass Emails or by associated Program and date range.   Supported formats include .PDF (with a limited page fit view) and .CSV that exposes all columns in spreadsheet form.  The report provides a variety of counts by email(s) and click through to webform(s).

Fields Exposed in .CSV Version includes:

Mass Email Report

Mass Activity Title

Email Description

Target Selection


Scheduled Date

Email Processed Count

Start Date & Time

End Date & Time

Status Total

Bounced Hard

Bounced Other

Bounce Soft





To Be Sent

Sent Not Opened


Hyper Link Name


Federated Access ID

Federated Access Name

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Article ID: 1221
Last updated: 27 Mar, 2018
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