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Managing Display Order of Legislative Alerts

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Last updated: 17 Jan, 2018

Order Published Alerts

Regardless of how your Action Center is presented (List or by Jurisdiction) you can manage the alert display order to promote your critical alerts at the top of the list. The order alerts option has changed to support ordering of legislative alerts based on the setting List/Jurisdiction within Action Center Settings.

Order Published Alert When Jurisdiction is set to Federal

1. Admin has set Action Center to display Federal Alerts open by default in Settings->Action Center Settings.

2.  Advocacy ->Order Published Legislative Alerts

3. Notice published Action Alerts are displayed within the Jurisdiction Tabs assigned during Alert Creation.

4. Simply click and hold mouse button to Drag and Drop alert into preferred order as noted in Order Column.

Example of Action Center List View

Notice Jurisdiction tabs are no longer displayed as all alerts are combined and order can be set.

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Article ID: 1216
Last updated: 17 Jan, 2018
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