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Searching for Bill Sponsors - Federal or State

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Last updated: 10 Oct, 2017

Searching For Bill Sponsorship in Query Builder

User can a) search for legislators in query builder based on bill sponsorship and b) add bill sponsorship data to current selection.  Bills can be Federal or State. There is separate field (Legislator State Bills Sponsored) for searching based on State Bills.

As with the staff search bill sponsorship lookup, the data is coming from the KnowWho database. State bill sponsorship data is coming from State Bills database. 


  1. Go To Query Builder
  2. Main Search Record =Legislator and at least one field has been selected
  3. New Clause Type = ANDREL
  4. Field = "Legislator Bills Sponsored" or "Legislator State Bills Sponsored
    Operator = In the Set of Any Values Field = Search for Bills

Article ID: 1207
Last updated: 10 Oct, 2017
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