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Last updated: 17 Jan, 2018

My Legislator Page

To provide your advocates with information relating to their legislators they may click on the "My Legislators" tab.  The Page will list in card form all Federal legislators associated with the advocates home and business address.  An advocate may click on a card to open a detailed page showing additional detail. 

The initial card view will provide Photo, Party identifier, State and District and Lifetime Rating shown as a percentage. 

When advocate clicks a Legislator's card the selected Legislator's record will be opened. In addition to the previous mentioned data elements they will also have exposed Title, social media links, Committee assignments and Key Votes that are used to calculate the Legislator's Lifetime rating.

Enable My Legislators Page on Action Center

  1. Open Settings Menu in Aristotle 360
  2. Select Action Center Settings
  3. Enable My Legislator by clicking
  4. Go To Action Center (Clear Cache May Be Required)
  5. Tab will Display called My Legislators

My Legislators Page – Support Printing of Page

After releasing the new “My Legislators” Page we have received requests to permit printing of the Legislator’s Page from our clients.  Now advocates may print a copy of the Legislator Profile page.

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Article ID: 1206
Last updated: 17 Jan, 2018
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