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April Release - Sprint 82

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Last updated: 24 Apr, 2017

Sprint 82 Release Notes

April Release


The April Release went live on April 25th. This Sprint adds some enhancements and fixes in a variety areas that govern Action Center Login process, Support for Custom Image (Infographic Type) in Legislative and Regulatory Alerts, the sharing of custom image via social media, ability to Merge Receipt Sources and linked data, Support Staff search based on Legislator Bills sponsorship status, make webform mobile responsive (will release in May) and support for New Hot-Keys for saving actions. We also worked on a variety of internal project associated with Security and hardware improvements.

Action Center/Agency Advocacy

  • Support Custom Image, such as Infographics, in Legislative and Regulatory Alerts
    • Images should reflect an Aspect Ratio of 2:1 with minimum dimension of 280x200 to properly display when shared on Twitter & Facebook.
    • Images are stored in Repository
  • Support sharing of Custom Image from Action Alert to Facebook & Social Media
  • Optimize Login Process to eliminate duplicate records when advocates try to create new record when they currently are present in 360 Database
    • When creating a New Record system will automatically look for records that maintain entered email and ZIP Code. System will match based on Work/Home Email and Work/Home ZIP or any combination.
  • Login Screen – User Interface Changes
    • Add transparency to Login Screen so that when accessing on Mobile Device the alert image may be seen through Login area
    • Move Action Buttons in line with Alert Title
    • Increase Height of Window to prevent submit button from being cut off


  • Support Ability to conduct a Staff Search based on Legislator’s bill sponsorship status
    • After initial staff parameter and ANDREL statement will be used
    • Bill search will be based on Bill Title (not Bill number).


  • Update Program Activities Report to show Actions related to Action Alerts and Regulatory Alerts
  • Client specific Transaction Details Report
  • Client Specific Program Activity Report


  • Committee Search –
    • Update Committee Search to support wild card search within COSMOS (Federal Committee Search)
    • COSMOS – Open COSMOS suggested Federal Committees by default to better show users potential matches
  • Hot-Keys –
    •  Support New Global Hot-Keys for Individual, Organization or Committee Entities
      • Save Cntrl+Alt+Enter
    • Save and Close Receipt or Disbursement
      • Cntrl+Alt+Backspace
  • Receipt Source – Support ability to Merge Receipt Sources
    • Support merging one or more secondary receipts sources to an existing  Primary Receipt Source
    • Receipt Source Merge will also update webform and recurring transactions
  • E Fax Implementation – Update fax hardware and server to insure continued performance
  • Optimize Mass Activity Email Send
  • Fix Printing of Profile from Entity Page
  • Setup technical infrastructure of Business Analytics Proof of Concept for next Sprint
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Article ID: 1199
Last updated: 24 Apr, 2017
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