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How To Add an Agency

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Last updated: 28 Feb, 2017

Agencies are setup through the Regulation creation process. Agencies are not currently support through an Ad Hoc process where users may add a specific Agency without a corresponding Regulation.  This limitation is a result of the need to have a specific relationship between the Regulation and Agency to support the Agency Advocacy process. 

To add an Agency simply create a Regulation and Agency data will be added. 

  1. Select Regulatory Menu Item
  2. Select Add Regulations
  3. Add Regulations Page – Provides a search+ mechanism where users may call in one or more Regulations to be stored within Aristotle 360 and referenced by the Regulatory Alert.
    1. Keyword Search (Required) –  Users can enter a Keyword or Docket ID Number
      1. Keyword
      2. Docket ID
    2. By Agency Acronym (Optional Filter)
    3. By Document Type – You can search and add based on the following Document Types
      1. Notice
      2. Proposed Rule
      3. Rule
    4. Open For Comment – Filter to include only Regulations that are able to be used in Regulatory Alerts

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Article ID: 1194
Last updated: 28 Feb, 2017
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