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Agency Advocacy - Regulatory Comment Administration

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Last updated: 06 Apr, 2017

Aristotle advocacy 3.1

Regulatory Advocacy Administration


Aristotle Advocacy now supports federal Agency Advocacy that is integrated within our Action Center platform.  Agency advocacy will permit your advocates to submit “Regulatory Comments” on proposed federal regulations.  Regulatory Comments submitted on the Aristotle Advocacy platform will be delivered via an integration with Regulations.Gov.


  • Aristotle 360
  • Action Center 3.0 or better. Legacy Action Center clients will not have access to this free upgrade. Contact your Account Manager to Upgrade your Account.
  • Browser Compatibility – Action Center 3.1 and the Regulatory functionality is based on a responsive design which requires a modern browser such as IE10+, EDGE, Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Changes to Aristotle 360

You will note some immediate changes to your Aristotle 360 database.  They will include the following:

  1. Regulatory Tab – A new tab has been added to the Aristotle 360 Menu Bar. 
  2. Agency Search – Nested within the Regulatory Tab
  3. Regulations – Nested within the Regulatory Tab
    1. Add Regulation(s) – Permits you to automatically add one or more regulations that may be acted on by a Regulatory Comment alert. All online activities are automatically attributed to the configured Regulation.
    2. Search Regulations – Ability to search and Open Regulations within Aristotle 360
  4. Advocacy – Within the Advocacy Menu Tab you will find Regulatory Advocacy related elements that are analogous to our existing Legislative Advocacy functionality.
    1. Add Regulatory Alert – Opens Wizard to setup your Regulatory Comment alert
    2. Regulatory Alert List – Provides a list of Regulatory Alerts.

i.List of Regulatory Alerts and their status

ii.Users may open Alert

iii.Activity Metrics – Click icon to access metrics relating to your action alert

  1. Order Published Regulatory Alerts – User may modify the order in which Regulatory Alerts are displayed on the Regulatory Alerts List page.

5. Action Center Website – You will notice a new tab labeled Regulatory Comments with a highlighted numeric detailing the number of available Regulatory Comment opportunities. If none are available this menu will not appear to your advocates.

Regulatory Advocacy Administration


Setting up Regulatory Alert follows a similar method used to create a legislative alert. A notable difference is the requirement to setup a target Regulation first, so the proper regulatory target may be called into the Regulatory Comment Wizard. 

The Regulation setup is a simple search calling to call your regulation into Aristotle 360.  After setting up the regulation the Administrator selects add regulation and adds a minimal number of mandatory fields, (Internal & External) Alert Name, Description, start date, Regulation, suggested Content and Thank You content, and you are ready to publish.

Aristotle Advocacy will capture advocate submission and write back to the individual, Agency and Regulation.  The advocate Receipt ID will be capture and written to the Individual’s action so you can verify the submission on the website using their basic search. An integrated Metrics report will detail all online actions associated to Regulatory Alert.

Please note: Aristotle Advocacy does support submission of both a standard text comment as well as uploading attachments for those advocates wishing to submit more detailed responses.

Button Behavior – Action Center 3.1 incorporates commands at the top of the page that are dependent on the state of certain entries and will change based on the status of your Regulatory Alert. For Example: Save and Save & Close Buttons will not be available unless you have entered the minimal amount of data. (Titles, Message and Targeted Regulation) to save.

Unpublished View Button State:

Published View Button State:

Minimum Data to Save
1.    Title to Display to Advocates
2.    Internal Regulatory Comment Alert name
3.    Message to Display to your Advocates
4.    Targeted Regulation

Minimum Data to Publish
1.    Title to Display to Advocates
2.    Internal Regulatory Comment Alert Name
3.    Message to Display to your Advocates
4.    Target Regulation
5.    Comment
6.    Thank You Fields

Creating a Regulatory Alert

Creating a Regulatory Alert, to capture advocate comments related to a regulation, is a two-step process. For the purpose of this Help Guide we will assume you do not have the Regulation created and are starting from scratch.
Step 1: Setup a target Regulation
Step 2: Setup the Regulatory Alert

About Regulations.Gov 

The Regulation is the target entity for your Advocates to act on.  Aristotle Advocacy will call, a website maintained by the Federal Government to fetch the regulation as well as submit your advocate comments.  
Any agency accepting comments through is support by Aristotle Advocacy. is a source for Federal regulations and related documents issued by the U.S. government.  The eRulemaking Program Management Office, with the assistance of partner Federal agencies, manages The program was created in 2002 and is directly managed by the U.S. Environmental Agency. Approximately, 40 “Partner Agencies” fully participate in the site where they both receive comments and post these comments back to  Another 300 agencies are “Non-Participating Agencies” where they receive comments through but may not, likely won't,  make submitted comments visible on the site and will not provide our service with a receipt ID.  

See “About Partners” section on by navigating to to learn more.

 Create Regulation in Aristotle 360

Step 1 in creating and Regulatory Alert

Users may add one or many Regulations based on their search. These Regulations are used within the Regulatory Alert setup. When a Regulation is added it automatically builds Agency and contacts pages based on their association to the Regulation. 

  1. Select Regulatory Menu Item
  2. Select Add Regulations
  3. Add Regulations Page – Provides a search+ mechanism where users may call in one or more Regulations to be stored within Aristotle 360 and referenced by the Regulatory Alert.
    1. Keyword Search (Required) –  Users can enter a Keyword or Docket ID Number
      1. Keyword
      2. Docket ID
    2. By Agency Acronym (Optional Filter)
    3. By Document Type – You can search and add based on the following Document Types
      1. Notice
      2. Proposed Rule
      3. Rule
    4. Open For Comment – Filter to include only Regulations that are able to be used in Regulatory Alerts

Once search criteria is entered users select search and a list is displayed

User selects “Add Selected Regulations”. Notification message appears confirming the Regulation addition or Notifying user that Regulation has been previously added.

The Regulation is now ready to be targeted for a Regulatory Alert 

Search for a Regulation

Aristotle 360 will store Regulation information as well associated activities. 

To search for a Regulation previously stored in Aristotle 360 do the Following:

  1. Select Regulatory Menu
  2. Select Regulations
  3. Search Regulations – A page will display list all regulations as well as search functionality
    1. Search By Field – Supports a variety of searches within the dropdown box
      1. Regulation Title
      2. Agency Acronym
      3. RIN
      4. Docket ID
    2. Search (Required) – Enter value associated to the Search By criteria selected

To view Regulation simply click on Regulation Title

Regulation View

The Regulation view provides the Administrator with Regulation details that have been automatically added to Aristotle 360.  Associated Alert and online Activities are added when a Regulatory Alert has been created and online actions taken using the Aristotle Advocacy Site.

Setup the Regulatory Alert

Step 1: Setting up the Alert

As noted earlier, creating a Regulatory Alert, to capture advocate comments related to a regulation, is a two-step process. The first step was the creation of the Regulation. The second step is setting up the Regulatory Alert.

Step 1: Setup a target Regulation.

Step 2: Setup the Regulatory Alert                        

Regulatory Alert Wizard - 

The Regulatory Alert Wizard is a Five Step process.   The default page is an introduction giving you some quick insight on items that you may wish to prepare prior to setting up your Regulatory Alert.

– This page supports naming the alert, message to display to YOUR advocates (not message being sent to Agency), Regulation to be targeted, start date and Publish Scope.

  • Title to Display to Advocates – This is the title of the alert displayed on the Regulatory Alert List Page and Regulatory Action Page. Typically this name is designed with the Advocate in mind and serves as a simplified call to action
  • Internal Regulatory Comment Alert - This is the name that your office would traditionally refer to the Alert or Effort. It is not exposed to the Advocate. Typically this name is used for “In House” reference.
  • Message to be displayed to your Advocates – This is a sentence or paragraph that serves as your call to action to your advocates! Typically they are designed as simplified overview of the Regulation with a strong call to action.
    • Message is viewable by Advocates on the Regulatory List page
    • Message is viewable by Advocates on Regulatory Alert Page
  • Targeted Regulation – The Regulation has been setup previously in the Add Regulation workflow.  This is the regulation that your advocates will comment on.
    • As you type the regulation(s) will appear. Click to select Regulation.
    • Due Date: Is automatically set by the Regulation. Agency sets Due Date when they close the comment period. This is automatically enforced
  • Publish Scope – Restrict who may access and Act on the Regulatory Alert                      
    • All – Alert may be acted upon by any website visitor who enters registration information or is logged in.
    • Internal – Alert is accessible only via a link sent to users who are authenticated
  • Address Preference – Controls which address will be used to pass information to the webform when required by a particular webform. You may select Home or Business
  • Show Button to Return to Alert List – The show button controls a link that permits/denies your advocates to navigate to the Regulatory/Legislative Alert List Page (Action Center)
    • Enabled: When enabled a link to return to Aristotle Action Center Alert List.
    • Disabled: When disabled, users may only act on Regulation Alert displayed and may not navigate to other Alerts.

Comment Setup – This page provides the Sample or Suggested Alert Comment that may be submitted to an Agency regarding a specific Regulation.

  • Suggested Comment - The Suggested Comment is viewable by the Advocate and may be submitted to the Agency.
    • Characters Remaining: Set at 5,000 characters by Will count down as characters are added.
    • Editable:  The Suggested Comment may be edited by your users on the Regulatory Alert page. They may also elect to upload document(s) on the Alert page User Interface.
    • Suggested Comment may be submitted directly

Advanced – The Advanced settings provides the ability to manage instructional text and a variety of automated messages.

  • Instructions – This is free text where Admin may provide some instructions to Advocates on how to take action on a specific alert. Typically Instructions text focuses on submitting, ability to edit or upload a file.
    • Viewable to Advocate
  • Expired Message – If your Advocates hits a Regulatory Alert that has been expired this message will notify them the Comment Period has ended
  • Thank You Subject – An automated email is sent thanking your users for taking action.
  • Thank You Content – This is the content thanking them for taking action
  • Enable Confirmation Email – A Confirmation Email is sent after the Advocate has submitted their Comment or upload the document
    • Enabled – Expands work flow to create Confirmation Email. Publish is not available until Confirmation Email workflow has been addressed
    • Disabled – Confirmation workflow is hidden and Administrator is able to Publish
  • Sender’s Email Address – Enter email to appear as sender
  • Sender’s Name – Common Name to display
  • Reply to – Designated email address for responses. Typically Administrator has a dedicated email box to capture these response apart from their normal email box
  • Advocate Email Type – Determine which email box you wish to send Confirmation Email to
    • Default
    • Personal
    • Business

Video & Images – This optional section permits you choose custom icons for the Regulatory Alert as well as embedded your YouTube video.

  • Choose an Icon for the Regulatory Comment – 200KB limit. You may upload or choose from existing icons stored within Aristotle 360. Place icon on Regulatory Alert list
  • Embed a Video – Show a YouTube video on the Regulatory Alert page
    • Integrated for Twitter Sharing – Video will be picked up when Alert is shared via Twitter
  • Choose an image for Regulatory Alert Page – Currently this place an icon on the Alert Page. This functionality will change in the future to support Infographics showing in place of the Video.

Social Media – After your advocates have submitted comment they may share, when enabled, the Regulatory Alert via Facebook and/or Twitter.  When enabled a bitly link will provide the ability for their social networks click and access your Regulatory Alert.

  • Facebook - When Enabled the Regulatory Alert will be shareable on Facebook. User may setup Title and Post Description.
    • Include Bitly link to Regulatory Alert
    • Includes YouTube video if alert is configured
  • Twitter – When enabled the Regulatory Alert will be shareable on Twitter. User may add custom Tweet message. Please note that 140 character limits apply!

Regulatory Metrics Report

Regulation Metrics Report will provide details relating to participation on a specific Regulatory Alert.

The Regulatory Metrics report will detail activity on your report that may be controlled by date range to drill down on specific date range.  The report will detail the following:

  1. External Title – Alert Title exposed to your advocates
  2. Internal Title – Internal Reference Title
  3. From & To Date – Automatically defaults to the set values for the alert but can be modified by administrative users to drill down into the report
  4. Participating Advocates – Number of advocates participating in alert – Drill down will open universal list showing participating advocates
  5. Comments Delivered – Number of comments submitted. Will open up list of Activities submitted
  6. New Advocates – Number of new advocates that have not previously participated in an action alert. Drill down will open universal list of Advocates
  7. Activity over Time – Chart showing Comment Submissions.
    1. Webform – Submission via
    2. Email – if webform is down our fallback delivery mechanism is using Regulation Contact email. Typically no email will be shown
  8. Geographic Submission Chart – Will break out advocates by their Home and Work Addresses to illustrate geographic dispersion of participants.  Columns will not likely equal as some advocates may not have valid entries in either column.  Some advocates may participate multiple times.

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