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Briefing Book report

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Last updated: 17 Dec, 2011
A Briefing Book report provides a complete view of individuals that are important to the committee, including any added photos. Go to Reporting > General Reports > Breifing Book. Some common uses for this report include:
• Print and use to highlight major donors for executive and board meetings
• Run the list of RSVP’d individuals for an event and save as a PDF for review on a handheld (i.e.: Treo or Blackberry) at the event for quick access
• Email the PDF report to campaign staff for review since it includes detailed information about the individual records and pictures saved to the dataset
Report Options:
• Enter in a user-defined Title for your Briefing Book, the title will display at the top of the output.
• Select an Individual, List or Event using the search box
• Check the boxes you want included in the report in the Include Report Sections area: FEC Data, Contributions or Event
• Select a Role category or RSVP status, as appropriate
• Select a group in the Entity Group Category field and type in the Entity Group
• Select a sort order in the SortBy field

When you finish setting the content of your report, click the Run Report button in the lower right corner of the panel. Aristotle 360 generates your report and then provides a link to the report in a separate window. You can view the report by clicking the link, or you can download and save the report.
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Article ID: 118
Last updated: 17 Dec, 2011
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