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Adding new users and setting permissions

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Last updated: 23 Apr, 2014

Adding New Users

This will only apply if you have multiple users within your account who will access the Voter IQ system. This is NOT related to canvassers and volunteers who will enter data externally through the mobile app or the web interface from their canvassing assignment.

If you will have users who will query VoterListsOnline to run counts and pull down data files, they will not need setting up within Voter IQ either.

This option is ONLY for users who will need access to the Voter IQ tab – viewing or creating projects, datapoints, cutting turf, etc. This is where you can specify OVERALL ability to access features of the program. You can specify individual access within projects under the Project section.

*NOTE: when signing up for a username for your Voter IQ account our Support Department will confirm with an account ‘point of contact’ whether any new additional users will be given ‘admin’ permission behind the scenes. Ultimately, the ‘point of contact’ is the one with this level of permissions. This level has full rights to the account and access for any additional users. More than one user can have this role but ONLY if ‘point of contact’ specifies this.

To add users to access levels on the account, ensure you are in your “group” folder (important for those with multiple group folders).

Click New User.

Select the user to change permissions.

Active: user is active in the system

Admin: admin rights to this particular group

Check boxes will allow to give rights to create new, read only, or write (data entry), or execute searches on your Voter IQ datapoints within VoterListsOnline or to access the Mass Email Wizard. Select the appropriate boxes and click Save.

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Article ID: 1138
Last updated: 23 Apr, 2014
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