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Track Bill Manually

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Last updated: 17 Jan, 2018
The Track Bill Manually section allows you to manually hand enter an existing bill for you to keep track of and update.
Bill Information
When entering the Bill Number, be sure to enter the correct ID number given to the Bill. If it is a Federal Bill, there is a Federal selection in the State field drop down menu to select from.
You’ll have to fill out the Bill Number, Short Title, State, and Chamber fields before you’re able to save the Bill. The rest of the sections (Sponsors & Co-Sponsors, Amendments, etc.) cannot be added unless the bill has already been saved.

Custom Details
The 'Custom Details' section of the bill gives you the ability to add additional information about the bill that is specific to your campaign/committee. For example, if your campaign/committee is tracking the bill under a nickname or some other means of personalization, you can save that in the 'Bill Name' field. You can also use the 'Issues' field to describe in further detail the pertinent issues involved in the bill, as well as save in the 'Position' field your established position on it (for or against its passage).

Sponsors & Co-Sponsors
To add a sponsor to your bill you'll need to first click open the 'Sponsors & Co-Sponsors' section and then click the 'Add Sponsor' button. The pop-up window shown below will appear where you'll need to enter the name of the legislator you want to save as the sponsor of the bill.
In the pop-up window that appears, you'll want to search by first and/or last name of the legislator, then select the type of sponsor and fill in the date.
NOTE: A legislator record must exist in your 360 database before you can add that legislator as a sponsor or co-sponsor to any bill. To add a new legislator record simply go to File > New Legislator, fill out all the information fields on the record and click 'Save'. Once you've done that you can return to your bill and add that new legislator record as the sponsor or co-sponsor of the bill.
Amendments to the bill can be added under the ‘Amendments’ section. This will be entered exactly the same as the Bill, except there will be an ‘Amendment Number:’ field instead of a ‘Bill Number’ field. For more information about adding amendments to your existing bills, click [[here]].
You can add voting session results in the ‘Votes’ section of the bill.
You’ll need to enter the voting session roll call number, date it occurred on, the question that the voting was for, the final result and the vote type in order to save. Adding Legislator Votes information can only be done after the initial vote information has been saved. For more information about adding voting results for your existing bills, click [[here]].
Related Bills
In this section, you can associate with this new bill any other bills that may be related to it. For more information about adding related bills to your existing bills, click [[here]].
The final section, the 'Notes' section, is available in case you want to add any additional information about this bill.
You’ll need to click open the 'Notes' section and then click the 'Add Note' button. This will open the pop-up window shown below, where you can type out any additional information about this bill and then click 'Save' or 'Save and Close' to save it.

Article ID: 1096
Last updated: 17 Jan, 2018
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