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View Congressional Fly-Ins

Article ID: 1094
Last updated: 30 Nov, 2012

View Congressional Fly-Ins

Provides a quick overview of all scheduled “Congressional Fly-Ins” events.

From The Menu Tab select: Fly-Ins > View Congressional Fly-Ins

All “Fly-Ins” will be listed and you may view all relevant information for the particular “Fly-Ins” such as:

Location address
Start/End dates
Status of the “Fly-In”

You may also Add a new “Fly-In” by clicking the “New Fly-in” button:

By clicking the name of the “Fly-Ins” you will have a more detailed view as well as edit, delete, save, save and
close, and close/cancel options.
There are four sections for each “Fly-Ins” record:
Basic Information

Click to Expand/Hide any of these four sections to view and/or edit information in these sections.

Article ID: 1094
Last updated: 30 Nov, 2012
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