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Adding Individual to a Group

Article ID: 1049
Last updated: 07 Jun, 2011
Method: AddIndividualToGroupByGroupGUID
Parameters: 1. individual ID (GUID); 2. group ID (GUID) - egp_GUID
Returns: An XML string (see for more detail)
Note: Status of "ERROR" is returned if the action doesn't complete successfully. Status "OK" is returned either if an individual gets added to a group or if that record is already a member of that group. In that case the message would say: "Individual is already a member of this group.".
Group ID parameter that needs to be passed can be found in the std_EntityGroup table. The field is egp_GUID.
Example: setIndividualInfoWebService.setIndividualInformationWebService wsInd = new API_Test.setIndividualInfoWebService.setIndividualInformationWebService();
string res = wsInd.AddIndividualToGroupByGroupGUID(new Guid(indGUID), egpGUID, username, password);

Article ID: 1049
Last updated: 07 Jun, 2011
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