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Entering Coordinated Expenditures as Debt Repayment

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Last updated: 21 Jan, 2011

About Coordinated Expenditures and Debts

When preparing a filing, a committee may need to enter a debt, and then indicate that that debt was repaid. This can be by various methods, but one way that a debt can be repaid is by a coordinated expenditure. For more information on who uses coordinated expenditures, please consult the FEC.

How to Enter a Coodinated Expenditure as a Debt Repayment

The date entry for this very similar to regular debt repayments.

Enter debt transaction with TYPE: "Debt," SUBTYPE: "Owed by Committee"

Enter coordinated expenditure transaction with TYPE: "Coordinated Expenditure," SUBTYPE: "Payment." Save this transaction. Check the support/oppose box (as appropriate), and link to the correct candidate.

Under the Transaction Links tab, search for and link the debt transaction. Save this transaction again.

On the Form 3X, the Coordinated Payment pulls to Schedule E and the Coordinated Payment amount is deducted from the outstanding debt total on Schedule D

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Article ID: 1030
Last updated: 21 Jan, 2011
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