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Filing Amendments for Florida State Reports

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Last updated: 04 Oct, 2010

Filing Amendments for Florida State Reports

Florida amendments only include transactions that have been added, deleted or edited since the previous "Mark as Published" sesssion. This is unlike FEC reports where amendments are complete reports that include all transactions, regardless of whether they have changed since the original filing.

In order to only pull amended transactions to the FL amendment report, the system needs to take a snapshot of the transactions as they were originally filed. This is done by clicking the "Mark as Published" button when you are ready to file your original report. Then, when you run an amendment report, it only pulls transactions that differ from that "Mark as Published" snapshot.

The "Mark as Published" option appears after generating the Florida State Report. Be sure to click this option in the database/dataset immediately after filing your Florida State Report. This will accurately track any modification made to trabsactions, should an amendment need to be made at a later time.

This option will appear either as:

Or as:

For Florida, amendments and original files are uploaded to the state server in generally the same manner.

Note: This explanation only applies to reports filed to the state and not to reports filed with individual counties.

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Article ID: 1009
Last updated: 04 Oct, 2010
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